Alphabets activity: Matching game

alphabets matching game

This is a very simple, yet fun alphabets matching game that I made for the boy to reinforce his alphabets learning. We have these sand paper lowercase cards for years (if I remember correctly, they were gift from the children’s grandparents) but we had never used them until now. I made uppercase alphabets cards with DH’s old name cards and what the boy has to do is to match the uppercase & lowercase alphabets, i.e. I with i, A with a etc.

It doesn’t look like a fun game to play, but it is for the boy. He has been taking the cards out to match whenever he sees them. Through this game, he now knows almost all his alphabets. He sometimes still confused Jj with L. So, this is something I need to continue to work on with him.

bookmarks craft

The girl made this bookmark at school for me, using heavy construction paper.
bookmark craft

Though the mouse has since lost a ear, I still love it. 🙂
homemade bookmark

The boy and I made these colorful bookmarks from recycled ritz cracker box at our local library.
bookmark craft

Very easy to make and you can decorate it the way you want.
All you need to do is to cut the recycled box into thick strips, flip over to the blank side and decorate it with anything you have (e.g. glitters, markers, crayons, cutouts, stickers etc).

The girl made similar ladybugs bookmarks and gave them to her teachers as Teacher Appreciation gifts. I hope the teachers like them as much as I like mine. 🙂

Earth Day and crafts (2010)

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Even though we have been rather conscious about recycling, re-purposing and reusing our stuff as much as possible, we are still not quite good at reducing our waste. (Read: We buy too much!)

The girl and I had a discussion recently after she attended a lesson about the 3Rs (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) at school, and both of us decided that we should do more for our mother earth. For her, she would try her best to not waste papers and reuse her papers wherever possible. As for myself, I hope to cut down on getting more things into the house and to try to use more green cleaning products.

I think everyone should do a part for our Earth and one way we parents can help is to encourage our children to use recycled materials as much as they can in their craft projects. Remember – little things can make a big difference! With creativity and a little effort, we can all help our environment and still enjoy the joy of making crafts with our children.

Here are a few online resources that you can look up for craft projects that utilizes recycled materials:

Recycling Crafts and Projects (Link) from
Crafts from Recycled Products (Link) from
Earth Day crafts (Link) from
Earth Day: 100 ideas to recycle and reuse! (Link) from Pane, Amore e Creatività

Crafts that we made using recycled materials…

Cereal Box Bag

recycled cereal box bag

The kids and I made a few cereal box bags at our library today.
Recycled Cereal box bagThis craft is really simple and fun, and you can use any kind of recycled materials to decorate your bag. This bag can be used as lunch bag, or as a gift bag.

What you need:
Empty Cereal Box
Materials that you can use to decorate your bag like craft tapes, construction papers, glitters, foam stickers etc

Simple paper plate Earth Craft
Earth craft
What you need :
Paper Plate
Tempera Paint – White, Blue, Green, Brown

We love Earth!
Decode the secret message! 😉

Spring Craft : Egg Carton tulips

Woo Hoo! The weather is finally warming up! To welcome Spring, the kids and I made this very easy egg carton tulips craft. 🙂

egg carton tulips

Materials used :
Egg carton
pipe cleaners
disposable chopsticks/ twigs – to support the stem

All you need to do is to cut out the egg carton cups (which would be the flower), paint them and then string through a pipe cleaners at the base of each cup. If the pipe cleaner is not strong enough to hold the flower, insert a chopsticks or twigs to the cup, then twirl the pipe cleaner around it.

Very easy, right?

I briefly searched for some other egg carton crafts to do with the kids this weekend (as DH has been away for the past 8 days already, so need to entertain them myself :() and these caught my eyes…

1. Egg Carton Wreath from Canadian Family site (Link)

Egg Carton Wreath

Egg Carton Wreath

2. Egg Carton flowers by Super Cozy (Link)
egg carton flowers craft

3. Of course, we won’t be making this, but this is too pretty and I just have to share it with u! Egg Carton pendant lights (Link)

Egg Carton flower lights

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Spring craft : recycled magazine flowers

recycled magazine flower craft

What you need :
old magazines
pipe cleaners
twigs (optional)

Steps to make a magazine flower:
1. Tear out a few colorful pages from an old magazine.
2. Cut out circles of different diameters and trim them into flower petals pattern.
(Tips: you can also use the same fold and cut technique that you use to make snowflake patterns for this.)
3. To make the flowers look more interesting, stack or glue two or three petal patterns of different sizes together.
4. Thread a long pipe cleaner through the center of the petal and leaving about 0.5-1″ of the pipe cleaner to form the center of the flower by either twisting it into any patterns you like or tying a knot.
(See below close up pix for idea.)

recycle magazine flower close up

5. Continue making the flowers until you are satisfied with how your vase is filled out.
We made about 10 and because the pipe cleaners are a little to soft, I attached them to a twig that we found in our yard and it turns out really beautiful.

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Bones and Body parts craft

The girl is currently learning about human body parts in school and here are some cool crafts that she brought home recently.

Inside the human body: Path of digestive system.

Material used:
Large Brown paper bag
Various human organs cutouts

Human skeleton:

Material used:
paper fasteners
Various human bones cutouts

Because all parts are movable, the girl had some fun posing with the skeleton. Heheee…

Another recycling craft : Baby food bottles

With so many empty baby food bottles lying around and a bored girl who refused to take a nap, we decided to do some ‘glass’ painting.

What we used:
Empty baby food bottles
acrylic paint

We were quite happy with the end products, but I guess we need to apply some sort of protecting layer to seal the paint because the paint has started to peel off after handling a few times. Maybe I have to get some spray clear acrylic or polyurethane sealer, I’m not sure about this. Oh well… we can explore this some other time.

This craft is easy and fun for any schooling kids.

spring craft: simple foam flowers

Someone’s trash is another man’s treasure. We were picked up a bag of craft materials for free last year during one of our yard sale trip. I finally found time to sort them out recently and found these pre-cut flower shaped foams. Since Spring is coming and the girl has been asking for a craft project, we decided to make use of the foams to make a really simple bouquet of flowers, as seen in the below picture.

Spring flower craft

Materials used in this craft project:
pre-cut flower shaped foams (u can cut your own if you don’t have it)
round shaped foams – for center piece of the flower)
pipe cleaners (as stem)
tape (to attach assembled flowers onto the stem)
glue (for assembling the center piece to the flower shape foams)
markers (for decorating the flower petals)
recycled pill bottle (as vase)
recycled construction scraps (to wrap the vase)
recycled ribbons (to decorate the vase)

The girl had a lot of fun creating and decorating the flowers. She only stopped because we ran out of green pipe cleaners. It is a really fun and easy project for any preschooler or kindergartner.

thread spool necklace

This morning I was attempted to do some “spring cleaning” (ahem!), I found the necklace that the girl made a few months ago at one of our library special Spanish storytime. It is made of old thread spools, string and some colorful beads. I remember the girl had so much fun making this simple craft. Besides stringing the spools together, she also learnt to read and count the numbers in Spanish. (She had to read the numbers and then arranged them in sequence.) I’m sharing this with you because I thought this is a great project to do with young children since language art and mathematics are incorporated into the craft.

thanksgiving turkey craft’ 08

A simple turkey craft that would make a nice Thanksgiving decoration.

Materials used:
Heavy paper – for the Turkey body
disposable cup
colorful construction papers – for the feathers
scotch tape

Instructions :
Draw the turkey on the heavy paper, color it with either markers/crayons, then cut it out .

Trace the outline of the turkey on another heavy paper, cut it out. This would be used for back of the turkey.

Decorate the back with colorful “feathers” from the construction papers. U can either cut out the feathers like what i did here, or have your child to tear the constructions paper into long strips.

Use the scotch tape to secure the front and back of the turkey on the cup and now you have it, a simple Thanksgiving decorations!

As this turkey craft was made specially for an upcoming event of our local library, I used all new materials but you can certainly use recycled materials.
For the body of the turkey, u can use recycled paper folder or cardbox.
For the feathers, u can recycle old colorful catalog or magazine covers.
Replace the disposable cup with recycled old water bottle – just cut it into half.

Have fun!!

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