Chinese New Year craft 2013 – Snakessssssssssssssssss!

2013 is the year of the snake, so here’s the snake crafts that my children made.
Very easy and fun to make, just cut and decorate! The preschooler had no problem making this all by himself. πŸ™‚


The snake template can be downloaded here.

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Chinese New Year – Dragon Craft (2012)

I meant to make some new crafts with the kids for this year’s Chinese New Year, but I had to return back to Singapore in a very short notice and only to return home on CNY eve; hence I could only recycled last year’s dragon craft ideas and created these different versions of the dragon puppets with the kids and their friends.

Last year’s handprints dragon craft:

This year’s finger prints dragon puppet…
finger prints dragon craft

chinese new year dragon craft

Another version, done by the girl…
CNY dragon craft

I just have to share this picture…
New folder (2)

This week I was invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the boy’s class. It is such a joy to see that the kids had so much fun making this craft and doing the dragon dance parade in the class. πŸ™‚

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!!

Chinese New Year Craft : Chinese Tiger Hand Drum

Hand drum has been a popular toy for Chinese kids since long long time ago. The drum kind of resemble a rattle. When you twist it in hand, the beads would bounce on the drum and make noise. It is quite fun and if you do it correctly, you may even get a good rhythm going! I thought it will make a very nice Chinese New Year craft to do with the kids and I was right, the kids really had a great time making this craft with me. πŸ˜€

Chinese New Year Craft : Tiger Chinese Hand Drum
(Front view)

As you probably already know, Valentine’s Day this year marks the start of the Year of the Tiger on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. So, we decorated the hand drum with a simple paper Valentine Tiger face.

Material used:
2x small paper plates
1x Balloon stick (You also can use a tongue depressor or disposable chopstick)
Construction papers – Orange, Black for the face & stripes of the Tiger. I used pink hearts for the nose, eyes & ears, you can certainly change it to your
preferred color.
yarn – about 45-55cm long
colorful beads
colorful markers – We used both permanent and washable markers.

Chinese New Year craft : Tiger Chinese Hand Drum
(Back view)

Instructions :
1. Make the Tiger face with the construction papers.
a. First, cut out a 10mm diameter orange & black color circles , which will be the Tiger’s head and its ears & stripes.
b. Cut the black circle into 4 quarters. 2 quarters will be the tiger’s ears and use the other 2 quarters for its stripes.
c. Cut 5 heart shapes which will be used as the eyes, nose and ears of the tiger.
d. Finally, glue, assemble the tiger parts and add some finishing touches to the tiger face.

2. Glue the finished Tiger face onto one of the paper plates.
3. Use a good scotch tape to tape the stick down on the 2nd paper plate.
4. String and tie some beads on both ends of the yarn.
5. Tape the yarn on the 2nd paper plate. Make sure both sides are approximately the same length.
6. Assemble and staple both paper plates together and now you have the basic Chinese hand drum!
7. Decorate your hand drum to give a Chinese New Year feel.
8. Finally, put on the Chinese New Year music and make some happy noise with your homemade Chinese hand drum!

Enjoy and have fun!!

Here’s a video of the girl playing with her homemade hand drum! πŸ™‚

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Chinese New Year craft – a simple CNY card

The girl’s teachers had asked me to do a special Chinese New Year storytime with the children next Monday. Since it is our tradition to distribute some lucky envelopes (angpaos) to the children, we need some simple cards (instead of $) to insert into the red packets. So, this was what I made with the girl a few days ago – some Cherry Blossoms cards.

Chinese New Year craft

Materials –
Construction papers
Paint – Red, Brown and Yellow
cotton swabs – 3x

Instructions –
1. Dip one cotton swab into the brown paint and create a branch for the cherry blossoms.
2. Dip one cotton swab into the red paint and dot on the branch to create the flowers.
3.Then do the same for the yellow paint. Just make some (not all) yellow dot on the red flowers.
4.As a finishing touch, add a “ζ˜₯” at the corner to make it look more like a CNY card.

Here’s the end product.
Homemade Chinese New Year craft card

The girl did almost everything, including writing the Chinese character. On the back side of the card, she wrote “Happy Lunar New Year! Love, Girl“. I think this is very simple craft and most young children can do it with a little help & supervision from the parents.

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