Christmas Origami Crafts links


Here’s some cute Christmas Origami crafts that I hope to make with the kids this weekend! πŸ˜‰

1. Santa origami from a Japanese nursery teacher (Link)
Santa Origami

2. Simpler Santa from Marcel’s Kids craft (Link
Santa Origami

3. 8-pointed star from Origami Instructions(Link)

8 pointed star

4. Christmas tree from Origami Make (Link)
Xmas Tree origami

5. Christmas stocking from Connecting It (Link)


6. Christmas hat from Art Platter (Link)
Christmas Hat

Chinese Homeschool teaching resources

I have always been looking for Chinese homeschool teaching resources that I could use to teach my children and here are some that I’ve found and hope you will find them useful as well.

For Preschool-Kindergarten level:

1. Chinese For Kids (Link)
– includes lesson plans, downloadable reading materials and activities worksheets.

2. Early Learning – Chinese (Link)
– I like their printable Animals, Numbers and bilingual Alphabets coloring page.

3. Free Chinese flash cards (Link)

4. (Link)
– Online lessons with audio, including reading, vocabulary, examples and exercises.

For elementary level:

1. Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education Online (Link)
– Learn Chinese from this interactive site. Includes online textbook, additional reading materials, exercises.

2. EduMall from MOE Sg (Link)
– Learn Chinese from this interactive site. Includes online textbook, additional reading materials, exercises.

3. Interactive Pinyin (Link)
– Recommended for Pinyin Practice.

4. Activity Builder: Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary (Link)
-Grab and match pinyin/characters with characters on the bottom.

Others – Chinese tools:
English to Chinese (Pinyin) Dictionary (Link)

Chinese Pronunciation tool (Link)
– Paste a chinese text and get the pinyin pronounciation of all the characters.

Pinyin Editor (Link)

Actually there are more, but I guess this list will do for now.
If I have the time, I may also share the Chinese iPad/iPhone apps that we like.
Ok… Got to get back to my spring cleaning! πŸ™‚

Linky love : Valentine’s crafts for kids

There are many lovely Valentine’s Day craft ideas out there in the blogosphere, but these caught my eyes because I think they are easy enough for the kids to make by themselves. I do think that Valentines should be made by the kids since they are the ones who are doing the valentine exchanges. We moms should just sit back and help only when needed. πŸ™‚

1. Heart hand stamps

Hands print Heart

From Little Lovely via Blosesem Kids.

2. Lollipop Valentines

by Skip to My Lou.

3. Beaded Heart

by Naturally Educational.

4. Cupcake Liner Valentine’s Card
VDay Cupcake Liner Card Craft

by Urban Comfort.

5. Valentine Cards

From Family Fun.

6. Hand prints heart

by Roots And Wings Co.

Linky Love: President’s Day crafts – Craft Toilet Paper Tube Presidents (Link)

Nickelodeon Parent Connect’s George Washington’s Wig (Link)

Kaboose President’s Day Finger Puppets (Link)

Free Kid Crafts Edible Log Cabin (Link)

Child’s Craft – Hand print Cherry Tree craft (Link)

(Not craft link, but this is the short story about Washington & the cherry tree.)

Lincoln & Washington face craft (Link)

President's Day craft

Linky Love: Chinese New Year craft

(Original pix from Julie K)

Chinese New Year Fish craft by Julie K. in Taiwan (Link)

Tiger hand puppet by Growing Up Creative (Link)

Chinese New Year crafts by Anita Chen from i SHARE (Link)

Other related posts:
Chinese New Year crafts See our other Chinese New Year craft here!

Linky Love: Chinese New Year Activities & Crafts

(Credit : Image from Jimmie’s Collage.)

Unit Study:
Jimmie’s Chinese New Year Unit Study for Homeschoolers (Link)

EdHelper’s Chinese New Year Unit Study (Link)

Activity Village Chinese New Year Unit (Link)

All About Chinese New Year (Link)
This printable is a great way to teach students about other cultures and the ways in which other countries celebrate the New Year.

Print your own Chinese Zodiac Matching game (Link)

Tiger Mask craft (Link)

-To be continued-

Fun facts & Jokes sites for lunch box notes

Here are some sites where I got my fun facts & jokes to be used on the girl’s lunch box notes. Hope you will find something interesting to share with your kids too! πŸ™‚

Baby Center fun facts for children – (Link)
(Note: They have aged appropriate fun facts, check out their 2 to 8 yo fun facts!)

FAQ Kids! : Answers to Questions Kids Ask! (Link)

The Indian Child – Amazing facts (Link)

Kids Jokes for Children (Link)

Yahoo Kids’ Jokes (Link)

Robin’s FYI – Halloween jokes for kids (Link)

Comedy Zone – Kids Jokes (Link)

Cooking with Kids – Food Jokes (Link)

I’m also trying to find age appropriate comic strips for kids, if you know of any, please share with me too. Thanks in advance!

Word List – A

Abstracted from the high frequency word lists…

A is :
a, and, always, away, am, all, are, at, ate, after, again, an, any, ask, as, around, about

See the full word lists here, here or here.

clay modeling – interesting links

I’m thinking of introducing the girl to some clay modeling craft soon. As I do not know much about clay modeling, I started to do some research online and found these interesting sites.

1. If you are interested in DIY Clay recipes, you can check it out here.

2. An interesting Cold Porcelain tutorial. Looks easy and I’m tempted to try it one day.

3. Video from Crayola showing how to use air dry clay for kids’ project. Crayola air dry clay project ideas.

4. Easy recipe for Homemade Clay.

5. Cute clay projects from TeachKidsArt.
Cute clay dinosaur craft
(Original Image from TeachKidsArt.)

6. Another way to use air dry clay – Nature impressions.

Linky Love: Some good craft reads

Happy Holidays!

I’m still here but life has been pretty crazy at home and at work that I don’t have much chance to blog. Anyway, here are some sites that I love and recommend u to check them out if you are into crafting with kids too. πŸ™‚

The Crafty Crow – a collective children’s craft sites.

The Red Thread – loves her paper crafts. U should check them out!

(By the way, the picture above is from The Red Thread. Click here to read her tutorial for this gorgeous creation.)

Maya Made – has some interesting homemade kids crafts.(see her tutorials!)

Art Projects for Kids – art projects mainly for elementary-aged group.