Chinese Homeschool teaching resources

I have always been looking for Chinese homeschool teaching resources that I could use to teach my children and here are some that I’ve found and hope you will find them useful as well.

For Preschool-Kindergarten level:

1. Chinese For Kids (Link)
– includes lesson plans, downloadable reading materials and activities worksheets.

2. Early Learning – Chinese (Link)
– I like their printable Animals, Numbers and bilingual Alphabets coloring page.

3. Free Chinese flash cards (Link)

4. (Link)
– Online lessons with audio, including reading, vocabulary, examples and exercises.

For elementary level:

1. Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education Online (Link)
– Learn Chinese from this interactive site. Includes online textbook, additional reading materials, exercises.

2. EduMall from MOE Sg (Link)
– Learn Chinese from this interactive site. Includes online textbook, additional reading materials, exercises.

3. Interactive Pinyin (Link)
– Recommended for Pinyin Practice.

4. Activity Builder: Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary (Link)
-Grab and match pinyin/characters with characters on the bottom.

Others – Chinese tools:
English to Chinese (Pinyin) Dictionary (Link)

Chinese Pronunciation tool (Link)
– Paste a chinese text and get the pinyin pronounciation of all the characters.

Pinyin Editor (Link)

Actually there are more, but I guess this list will do for now.
If I have the time, I may also share the Chinese iPad/iPhone apps that we like.
Ok… Got to get back to my spring cleaning! 🙂

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Another use of the Chinese word cards

I’m so happy that the word cards that I made from recycled old name cards, have a new use again! We used it for our Hanyu Pinyin revision.

Because The girl had problems recognizing and differentiating the 2nd and 3rd sounds (i.e. á ă), so I came out with this simple “pinyin” game for her to practice. I gave her a stack of the word cards and she is supposed to sort them out according to the 4 tones. For example, if she had the “一” or “我” cards, she had to place them into the 1st tone box and 3rd tone box respectively. Once she completes the whole exercise (usually about 10-20cards), she is allowed to have a small treat like a piece of chocolate or a candy. As she sees this drilling exercise as a game, she learns faster and enjoys the pinyin lesson more.

After playing the game for 2 weeks now (I try to have pinyin lesson with her once a week), she is able to recognize and differentiate the pinyin tones much better now. 🙂

hanyu pinyin #2

特别声母: y w


ya ye yi yu and their 4 tones

wa wo wu and their 4 tones

声母: b p


ba bo bi bu and their 4 tones

pa po bi bu and their 4 tones

hanyu pinyin lesson 1 : 韵母

What is Pinyin?
Pinyin is mama (声母)+ baby(韵母) + 4 tones (声调).

“妈妈(声母)在前面, 孩子(韵母)在后面, 声调在孩子的头上”

Learn 韵母 :
a o e
i u ü

Learn 4 tones:
ā á ă à

(practice for o, e, i ,u ,ü)

Sing the pinyin song in the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” :

b p m f d t n l
g k h j q x
zh ch sh r z c s
a o e i u ü
I can read it easily.

hanyu pinyin

Armed with an instructional video CD, some Chinese textbooks and activities books, I’ve started teaching the girl Hanyu Pinyin. Actually, it’s more like learning hanyu pinyin with her since all I do is to run the Hanyu Pinyin instructional VCD on TV/computer, let the instructor in the VCD do the teaching and learn the pinyin together with her. Then, after each lesson, we will either do some activity worksheets together or revise the 4 tones of the pinyin together.

I find this is a much better way of teaching Pinyin to the little girl since I won’t feel stress out while trying to plan the curriculum or risk teaching my girl the wrong way of pronouncing the pinyin. Even though I have learned Hanyu Pinyin before, I cannot teach her myself since I tend to confuse over some pronunciations like sh with s, zh with z etc. But with the help of the instructional VCD, I feel more confident in coaching her the right pinyin pronunciations.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel a little drained by the Chinese HS program and so,in hope of keeping myself motivated, I think I am going use this space to keep track of our hanyu pinyin learning progress.