funnies to me… part 123456

The girl : Daddy! Your head looks like the tiger’s head!

DH: What??

The girl: You have lines on your *fore*head just like the tiger!!

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The girl : Mama, I don’t want to marry when I grow up.

Me: Why not?

The girl: That’s because I don’t want to pump my milk out.

Me: But mommy didn’t pump my milk right? Didi just drink from mommy’s breasts.

The girl: I also don’t want to let my baby drink from my breasts too.



The girl: Mommy, can I wear this costume everyday? I look so pretty!!

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

a very random post

Once again, I would like to wish everyone a very blessed 2008!

Even though this year we didn’t go anywhere but stayed home, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays nonetheless. It was so good and relaxing (because DH took 2 weeks off from work!!) that I just don’t feel like doing anything but to enjoy spending time with him and the children. That explains why I have not been blogging… Haha…

Now, let me share with you some pictures of the children. 🙂

The loving siblings…

My sweet but very vain baby #1…

My round-round happy baby #2…

My dear cousin Shanice, if u cannot tahan already and want to steal the pictures want to post their pictures on your blog, u have my permission la! 🙂

Next… some funny moments to share …

At a very crowded mall, the girl saw her daddy from a distance and yelled…”Daddy!!!! I POO POO ALREADY!!!!”

Wah lao eh… I wish I wasn’t the only Chinese woman there and then… -_-


“Aiyo… didi’s head so smelly!!”

“That is why I called him onion head! Smelly onion smelly head!”



“Daddy, during the circle time today, I shared something with my classmates.”


“I told them that my baby brother has a bald head (patch) on his head! Everyone including Mrs. V laughed! I laughed also because it is so funny!”



Early in the morning, just before I was about to eat my breakfast, my little vainpot came up to me and said, “Mommy! You know daddy’s poo poo is so long, soooooo looooooong… 好象一条蛇 (like a snake)!!”


I think my girl confirmed has my 38 genes already *slap head*…

and …

I must try to “EDUCATE” my big boy (DH) on “what NOT to show and/or TELL”.


On separate occasions…

Me: Oh… Didi needs to change 屁股 already.

DH: The girl, mommy said she wants to change didi’s backside not diaper leh! WOW…

The girl : Aiyo… mommy so funny!



Me: Hey The girl, please wait for me… I need to change my diaper.

The girl: Diaper?

Me: Aiyo…. mommy siao liao… I actually wanted to say pants la! Silly me!

The girl : Mommy, you are sooooo funny! 😆


I repeat I’m not funny. I’m just “baby overloaded”.


snow play…

(Click on pix to see a bigger version)

The girl and the man were having fun at our backyard… Can you see how much snow we have now? Just look at the slide, it is already half-hidden!

We just realized early this week that we have to clear the roof because there are some water leakage problem on one of our bay windows due to the accumulated ice/snow. Poor DH has to clear not only the snow on our driveway, walkway but also the roof now. No wonder he slims down so much, from size 34 to probably size 32 now! Anyway, it is good for him and good for me too because he looks so good (ahem!) and doesn’t snore that loud any more ever since he lost weight! 😆


The girl :妈妈……(mommy)

我一听就知道她要打小报告了… (From the sound of it, I know she is going to complain about her daddy.)

Me: 什么? (what?)

The girl: 妈妈, 爸爸说你有熊猫眼和鸡屁股的鼻子!! (mommy, daddy said that you have panda eyes and chicken backside nose!)

斜眼瞪她爸爸… (staring at her daddy)
DH: 没有!我没有! (no, I didn’t) I only said the pandas may think that mommy is their relative.

The girl , Mummy: OOI!!!!!!!! (反应好快好强烈哦! Very strong reaction!)

DH: Just kidding… but mommy really got chicken backside nose…

The girl, Mummy: OOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girl: 妈妈, 爸爸真可恶! (mommy, daddy is so terrible!)

Mommy: 对咯! (ya lor!)

PS to Laogong :

Hur hur… what chicken backside nose… mine is called “旺夫鼻” (i.e. nose that brings luck to husband)! For all you know, you feel so happy with life and your work so shun shun (i.e. smooth sailing)now is probably because of my nose! It brings you luck! Hiak hiak hiak… 😆

boston children museum ’07

Last week, we brought The girl and The boy to Boston Children Museum as part of The girl’s birthday celebration. The museum is literally a huge indoor playground for the children, and because this wasn’t the first time for The girl, she knew exactly what she wanted to play in the museum. We were just glad to follow her around. 🙂

Anyway, I shall let the pictures do the talking …

New cowboy exhibits … The girl pretended to be Mulan riding on her horse…

The girl volunteered herself to play the character of “carrot” in the interactive play “The Balancing Act”. We were so proud of her even though she did nothing but just to stand pretty on the stage. Haha…

At the Art corner, paper making craft. When the art coordinator ask for a volunteer to make the paper with her, my little girl raised her hand… We were really surprised because she volunteered herself TWICE that day! Wow… So unlike her. 🙂

After she completed her paper making craft, The boy got so cranky (think he buay tahan already) that none of us could pacify him so we decided to call it a day and go home to bake cake with the girl…


Me: Aiyo… Didi, why your poo poo so smelly?!

K.P.O girl : This morning Daddy asked me to smell Didi’s backside and I did… and it was so SMELLYYYY until I thought I was going to faint and I wanted to vomit.

Me: 真的吗?! So 夸张!

girl : 真的!! I’m not JOKING you know!!

Me: How can that be? Daddy’s poopoo is smellier than Didi’s 大便 and how come I never see you fainted or hear you complain about it leh?

(Remarks: She loves to *disturb* her daddy when he is doing his big biz. :P)

Girl: … …. *no word say… mouth zipped*


impulse shopping is…

When you wake up from an afternoon nap after a 3-hrs of snow-shoveling,

Switched on the TV,

Saw a TV media advertisement,

Made a call…

And two sets of 25-knives (i.e. 50 knives in total) are on their way here.

P/S: And it’s not even the woman who does most of the cooking, that bought it.

P/P/S: The extra set will be kept and given to your daughter as her wedding gift.


Remarks from DH:

“Hey… they are really good knives you know. You don’t ever need to sharpen them AND they have lifetime warranty. ”

Ya ya… what am i supposed to do with so many knives when I have another new set sitting pretty inside my cabinet? -_-

snow and more snow

About a foot of snow fall yesterday and more snow is expected on Sunday. The little girl was just too happy to see and enjoy the snow. Little does she know that her poor daddy had to brave the cold and spent 4 hrs clearing the snow from our driveway and walkway yesterday night. Anyway, while waiting for her at the school’s playground today, I saw her having a great time throwing and digging into snow with her friends so I decided to let her enjoy the snow a little longer. When she finally came out from the playground, she excitedly told me that she had so much fun eating the snow! Oh dear… **  The snow certainly doesn’t look too clean to me. I hope she has a strong stomach and not laosai later. * pray hard*

Our precious first born just turned 4 today!

Dear My Precious Daughter,

It seems like yesterday we just brought you home from the hospital and then staring at you in complete amazement wondering what kind of person you are going to be. To our absolute delight, you turn out to be an amazing daughter one would wish for. Mommy and Daddy are so lucky to have you as our daughter. Not only are you our loving daughter, you are also a loving sister to your baby brother. Over the years, we saw your transformation from a delicate, high-need baby to a healthy, cheerful, chatty, funny and intelligent little girl. Mommy and Daddy are really proud of you and we love you more and more each day.  

Once again, mommy and daddy wish you a very Happy Birthday!

With lots of Love,

Mommy and Daddy