Healthy living, here we come!

“If the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
If the diet is right, there is no need for medicine.”

After doing a lot of research, I come to realize how red meats & dairy-rich food can affect one’s health. (Think high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer etc) After getting the support from my dear husband and kids, we embarked on our new diet journey a few weeks ago.

Yes, we are on a no-red meats, high fiber, low dairy “modified Mediterranean” diet now! 🙂 And besides this, I am also trying to add more whole grains to our diet and buying less refined/processed food.

To be frank, the change isn’t really that difficult la. Even though we love to eat out on weekends and snack on unhealthy chips occasionally, we are actually eating pretty healthy food at home most of the time. I think the most difficult part has to be the inconveniences that come with this diet change. Now, I can’t just cook what we craved or eat junk or processed food as and when we like it. And when we dine out or do our grocery shopping, we have to be very selective of what we order and what we buy.

Since I really want to make the switch as ‘painless’ and unnoticeable as possible for my family, I have to do more research, spend more time planning for our meals (again, Trello is a great tool!) and learn to read nutrition labels more carefully. Can you imagine how time consuming it is? Really ah, if it is not for the love for the family, I don’t think this lazy sahm could to do this at all.

Anyway, it has been more than 3 weeks since the switch. I’m very pleased to say that the family hasn’t complained about the missing meat dishes YET and also, we finally managed to convert to eating all brown rice yesterday!! Woohoo!

Both DH & I also noticed a change in our physical health. He has lost almost 5~8lbs of weight so far and his ‘united nation’ belly is beginning to ‘disintegrate’ and his ‘legendary’ 6-packs seems to want to make a comeback! Well, I called them ‘legendary’ is because I have never ever seen them even though I was with him for 20 years already lor. Heheee…. As for me, even though I didn’t weigh myself at all, I can see that my flabby & always bloated tummy looks a little smaller lor (*small voice*)and I feel more energized, though I still need to take a short nap after lunch.  Hmm…. I guess 休息是为了走更长的路咯。*grin*

Ok la… lili lolo such a long post, I think it’s time for me to take a rest and do some craft work. I will write again soon and probably start sharing with you on the healthy food I cook for my family next time. Ciao!

My Comical Family #13 : The President’s Friend

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My Comical Family #12 : The Beauty of Sleep

Alternate title : What you don’t know won’t kill you

My Comical Family #12 : The Beauty of Sleep

My Comical Family #11 : Edible Gold Snot

My Comical Family Comics #11 Edible Gold Snot

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My Comical Family #9 : Good Officer

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My Comical Family #8 : Chic

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spring flowers

Specially for my mom.

Fresh cut flowers from our yard…

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monkey see, monkey do!

Monkey see…

Monkey do!


As you know, the girl loves role playing. Her current favorite role is playing a baby. Sometimes it is really funny to see how the 4yo big girl acts like her little baby brother. She ‘baby talks’ to us, plays with her brother’s toys and even try to sit on his infant seat or the exersaucer! Sometimes she will even ask me to feed her some baby food! 😆 I know she probably does it because she wants to get some attentions from us or that she is just trying to be funny and have fun with her role play. Anyway, we are not concern about the girl but more for her little brother who is absorbing everything he sees and hears like a sponge now.

Because the girl loves to play screaming and giggling games with her brother, the boy now thinks that it is fun to “scream” on top of his voice too. So, you can imagine how “quiet” our house can be when both are in their “chatty” mood. Of course, I know this screaming phase will eventually pass but the part we are more concern about is that as the girl baby talks (actually it’s more like cooing and babbling) to the boy all the time, he may learn to baby talk too. We are worried that this may cause some speech development issues later. You can’t blame us for worrying too much – we are the parents! Oh well, I guess there is nothing much we can do but to keep reminding the girl to speak proper English to her brother. Parenting two children is so much harder than one.

Feb 20’s total lunar eclipse

DH and the girl were all suited up to go moon watching! It was actually freezing cold that night (below 30F) but since it was the last visible total lunar eclipse until 2010, they just had to go out to watch the amazing color transformation of the moon.

These are the pictures DH took that night. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Even though DH may be a workaholic since he works almost 24/7, he is definitely a 100% dedicated father. No matter how busy he is, he will make time for the children … reading books to them, play with them or even introducing new things to them whenever possible. Like on this day, he actually had some datelines to meet, but he chose to spend some time reading to the girl about the Lunar Eclipse and then a couple of hours to watch the total lunar eclipse unfold with the girl. What can I say… my children are very lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. 🙂