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The girl :妈妈……(mommy)

我一听就知道她要打小报告了… (From the sound of it, I know she is going to complain about her daddy.)

Me: 什么? (what?)

The girl: 妈妈, 爸爸说你有熊猫眼和鸡屁股的鼻子!! (mommy, daddy said that you have panda eyes and chicken backside nose!)

斜眼瞪她爸爸… (staring at her daddy)
DH: 没有!我没有! (no, I didn’t) I only said the pandas may think that mommy is their relative.

The girl , Mummy: OOI!!!!!!!! (反应好快好强烈哦! Very strong reaction!)

DH: Just kidding… but mommy really got chicken backside nose…

The girl, Mummy: OOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girl: 妈妈, 爸爸真可恶! (mommy, daddy is so terrible!)

Mommy: 对咯! (ya lor!)

PS to Laogong :

Hur hur… what chicken backside nose… mine is called “旺夫鼻” (i.e. nose that brings luck to husband)! For all you know, you feel so happy with life and your work so shun shun (i.e. smooth sailing)now is probably because of my nose! It brings you luck! Hiak hiak hiak… 😆

the effects of absence

My DH has been traveling extensively for business for the past few months. Now we are seeing the effects of his constant absence on the girl. She has became so insecure and often tries too hard to get his attention when he is at home. When he is home, she wants him to talk to him all the time. She would interrupt our conversations and she doesn’t even let him go when he needs to use the bathroom. She wants him to read, play and do stuff with her all the time and only let him off because it is her bedtime or he has to go to work.Like this morning …

The girl : Daddy, come here! Watch Lion King with me!!

DH : I can’t. I have to pack my stuff.

The girl : Nobody watch TV with me! Daddy don’t love me already!

Me: Girl, don’t say that. Papa needs to do his stuff. Why don’t you watch first, and he will join you later?

The girl: Mommy! 爸爸不要陪我看戏. 他不爱我了, 每次都不陪我.

Guilty DH: Don’t say that… Daddy will watch with you, but I can only watch a little ok?

Finally, the little one was satisfied. Both father and daughter sat side by side on the couch, put the movie on, popped some freshly picked strawberries and enjoyed the show together.

When daddy finally left for work, she came to me and said, “妈妈, 我想我的爸爸. 他会很久才会来吗?” (mommy, i miss my daddy. Will he come home late again today?)

Aww… How I wish I can tell her that her daddy will be home early tonight, but he is not.


The girl loves her daddy dearly but sometimes her method of showing her love for her daddy is a bit weird, she can be quite abusive towards him. She would yell at him, “strangle” him, bounce on him, and even… hit him. Maybe this is what they called “又爱又恨的爱”吧!

I have told her many times that she needs to be more gentle with her daddy, but she still does it and it is getting worse because of his absence. DH has been really tolerant towards her this type of behaviour, maybe because he feels guilty for not spending enough time with her. But I guess he started to realize that he needs to put a stop to it too because he finally “retaliated” …

(This happened two days ago.)

“呜… 呜… 呜… 妈妈, 爸爸不爱我了! 爸爸不要我了!” (boohoo…boohoo… Mommy, Daddy doesn’t love me anymore! He doesn’t want me anymore!)

“什么? 不要哭, 慢慢跟妈妈讲.” (What? Don’t cry, tell me about it.)

“”呜… 呜… 呜… 妈妈, 爸爸不爱我了!爸爸不要我了! 他不要跟我讲话了.” (boohoo…boohoo… Mommy, Daddy doesn’t love me anymore! He doesn’t want me anymore! He doesn’t want to talk to me anymore!)

“他不会不爱你的. 是不是你做错事了? 你是不是不乖啊?”(He still loves you. Did you do something wrong? Are you naughty?)


“来, 妈妈带你去找爸爸, 你跟他说对不起.” (Come with me, I will bring you to apologize to daddy.)

“不要.” (No.)

“为什么不要?” (Why not?)

“我没有踢他! 我只是在做运动, 我的脚不听话踢到他. 不是我踢他的. I don’t want to say sorry to him.” (I didn’t kick him. I was just exercising my leg. My naughty leg kicked him, not me. I don’t want to say sorry to him.)

“But if you don’t say sorry to him, he will be upset and that makes you sad, right?)


“Come! Mommy bring you to him.”

Finally, she went with me. She hugged her daddy and both made up almost immediately, even though she still didn’t apologize to him. -_-


Yesterday I suggested for a walk around the neighbourhood because I needed to take a break from the packing. She told me that she wanted to go to the farm because she had promised her daddy that she would pick some strawberries for him. Even though I was dead tired, but seeing her so serious about keeping her promise to her daddy, I drove her to the farm. Unlike the previous trip, she was really selective in picking the strawberries. She only picked those big, red berries and placed them carefully in the box. She didn’t even rush me to bring her to the barnyard! When we finally gathered a pint full of big, juicy strawberries, she said to me, “This is a surprise for my daddy! He will be so happy when he sees these strawberries!” Aww…


“妈妈, 你知道吗? 孙悟空的一只猴子喝酒死了.”
“对啊! 阿公,公公和很老的太公也都没有喝酒,所以他们都很健康!”

-_- tmd.

translated version:

“Mommy, do you know a monkey in Monkey God (Sun Wu Kong) story died because he drank liquor?”

“Oh! He died because of old age and alcohol overdose.”

“My Ah Kong doesn’t drink.”

“Yes, Ah Kong, Kongkong and even greatgrandpa also don’t drink. That’s why they are so healthy.”

“Mommy, luckily you don’t drink too!”

“Am I that old?!!”

“Mommy, you have grey hair too!”

-_- tmd.

白头发 (grey hair)

“Aiyo! Laogong (DH), I have some more new white (grey) hair!! :(
“Nevermind la, I have more!”
“Boo-hoo-hoo… 我老了(i’m getting old)! :(”
“妈妈, 我不要你老! 你老了会死掉的.我不要你死掉!” (Mommy, I don’t you to be old! You will die if you are old. I don’t want you to die.)





“不要! 我要你陪我很多.陪我很久.”

“不行. 妈妈要做东西.Nikita 长大了, 不可以这样.”

“呜呜呜…妈妈, 你看, 我很矮. 我还很小. 呜呜呜…你陪我睡觉!”

“Nikita 不是小baby了. 不可以每天都要妈妈陪. 妈妈只能陪你一点点. 因为妈妈也要陪爸爸呀.”

“呜呜呜…妈妈,你不要陪爸爸. 你陪爸爸就没有人陪我了. 呜呜呜… 没有人陪我,我很害怕. 呜呜呜… 我没有人陪我! 呜呜呜… “

这是小孩今晚对我说的话. 看来她的华语又有进步了. 但这不是要点. 我好烦. 每晚睡前都如此,她一定哭闹, 一定要我陪她一起睡. 真不知该如何是好.如果我陪她, 她会越来越依赖我. 我也不可能有时间做自己的东西. 如果我不陪她,我心理又不好受. 你说我该什么办? 啊…. 做妈妈的真难!


每天晚上我都会和小孩在睡觉前, 唱唱歌, 说说话, 聊聊天.

“不要! 我会流血的.”
“不可以! 我已经洗脸了.”
“不可以! 因为我的手是给我拿东西的.”
“不可以! 我的鼻子要breathe的.”


Bedtime conversation with the toddler…

me : Can I bite your face?
Nikita : No, you can’t. I will bleed.
me: I will just bite gently, then you won’t bleed.
Nikita : No, I have cleaned my face already.
me : Then can I bite your hand?
Nikita :No, you cannot. I need my hand to take things.
me : Then, can I bite your nose?
NIkita : No, you can’t. My nose is for breathing.
me : I will bite your bottom then. I love biting your little tushie.
Nikita : NOOO!!! I need this for pooping!

(PS: Yes, I still can’t stop myself from sinking my teeth on her… Hahaha)



"因为你吃太多. 象我一样."



“妈妈, 我跟你讲一个很好笑的事.” (Mama, I tell you something very funny.)
“什么事这么好笑?” (What is so funny?)
“你知道吗? 辰亦弟弟叫我”阿达,啊达”… 很好笑.” (You know… Little Chen Yi called me “Ah-Ta, Ah-Ta”… so funny.)



(It’s not funny, but I laughed wholeheartedly.)

天下的妈妈可能都是一样的吧.只要是自己的宝宝说的,怎么不好笑的笑话也都会变的很好笑. 哎… 妈妈真傻. :lol:

为什么? why?

The “why” time is finally here! (Is it a bit too early?) The little one is constantly asking the “why” questions on almost everything. Questions like “Why daddy has to work?” to “Why the spider die?” are very common nowadays. I do try my best to answer the “whys” for as long as I can stand it. :p But it is really hard to think of an answer for all her questions like these…

*A week ago, in our friend’s house…*

“妈妈, Clair姐姐去哪里?” (where is Clair jiejie?)

“她带Taffy去尿尿.” (She brought Taffy (the dog) to peepee.)

“为什么Taffy要尿尿?"(Why Taffy need to go peepee?)

“因为他喝很多水."Because he drank a lot of water.”

“为什么他喝很多水?"Why he drink so much water?”
“Because he is thirsty.”

“Why he thirsty?”
“Let’s go! You ask Clair jiejie ok.”

The other day I scratched my ankle and it bleed. Nikita saw it and asked, “Mama, what happen?”

“I hurt myself.”

“Why you hurt yourself?”
“I’m not careful.”

“Why you not careful?”

“Because I didn’t look where I was going.”

“Why you didn’t look?”

“I don’t know.”


“Aiya… don’t ask so many questions la!”
“But I want to know, mama. Why?”

“Don’t ask already… U want to watch Dragontales?”