Puppets craft : Dora the explorer

Dora the explorer puppets
Materials used:
Recycled blue paper folder
Crepe papers (which we recycled from some old crafts! ;))
Craft sticks
glue sticks
recycle colorful strips of construction papers

The boy loves books and one of his current favorite is “Dora in the Deep Sea” book, which we got from the library. Since DH is away for biz trip, I am forced have to take over the responsibility of reading to the kids in the morning & night. *roll eyes* Well, I don’t really mind reading to the kids, but I dread reading the same book over and over again. *Boring!* So, when the boy asked me to read the same book for the 3rd time, I decided to “spice” things up by changing some of the words to Chinese words so that he gets to learn some Chinese too. πŸ™‚

These are the Chinese words that I introduced him today:
ηŒͺ Pig
ι±Ό Fish
狐狸 Fox

I guess he enjoyed the changes because I was asked to read the book again for another 5 more times. -_- Hmm… Actually, I shouldn’t be complaining, I should be happy because this is the first time that the boy is showing interest in learning Chinese. In the past, I tried to teach/speak to him in Chinese, he simply just not keen at all. But this morning he (obviously in very good mood) was repeating every Chinese words after me. πŸ™‚ It seems a waste if I don’t do something with him while he has the interest to learn, so I decided to make this puppet craft with the children to further motivate & engage the boy.

After completing the puppets & its background crafts with the kids, the girl read the book and we acted out some scenes together. The boy mostly just sat quietly to enjoy our puppet show. Whenever possible, we tried to involve him in the play by asking him some questions and to say the more popular lines like “Swiper, no swiping” and “Oh man!” etc. Then we finished it off with our own silly version of Dora’s “We did it” dance and song. It was really fun and I am happy that the boy is finally showing interest in doing craft with us and is getting better at following instructions during our structured play & learn session. πŸ™‚

my little 小豆豆

My 小豆豆 is a jolly little guy. He loves to smile whenever we talk or sing to him. Especially in the morning, after he has nursed and pooped, he will be in such a good mood that he will give everyone a charming smile. πŸ™‚ Everyday I heard myself saying “He is so cute!!”

Silly mommy. πŸ˜›

One month old!


colicky baby

My boy is colicky.

He has been fussing a lot

3rd week checkup

On Wednesday, Niklas had his 3rd week checkup.Β  Everything is fine. He is growing very well, put on quite a bit of weight – from 3.05kg (@ 4 days old) to 3.88kg (8lbs 7oz)before he turns 3 weeks old. We were quite surprised because we never expect our little spitter-cum-super-pooper to put on so much weight within such a short time frame.I think even the doctor didn’t expect it as she asked meif I have given Niklas some formula milk as supplement!Haha… Well, what can i say… i got POWER milk mah! πŸ˜‰

During the check up, doctor asked if we have any other concern or question, and I asked her about the snorting sound which I sometime hear when Niklas cries. She assured us that it is normal since baby’s nasal passage is narrower and it will get better when he grows bigger. I jokingly said, “And I thought he snorts because he is born in the year of PIG!” Muahahaaa…. I think the doctor also buay tahan me. πŸ˜›

Oh… I think my cheeky little one must have liked his pediatrician a lot. He treated her some hot ‘chrysanthum tea’ during the physical examination… and… Not once but twice!! Muahahaaa…

Tips: when u want to undress a babyboy, u better have something on hand to cover the kukuniao if you don’t like the hot tea treatment. I learnt it the hard way … kena so many times already. -_-

(3 Oct ’07- Weight :3.88kg, Length : 21.25″)

breastfeeding – not easy the second time too!

The boy has been a great milk eating machine since birth. Like his big sister, The girl, he latched well the very first time he was put onto my breast within minutes after he was delivered. So, it was no surprise that the milk came in within the end of 2nd day after delivery.

However, unlike the previous time, this time round I had a much worse engorgement experience which lasted almost 48hrs. Imagine cup size A (or even AA) ballooned to size Gigantic lumps within a day and trust me, it was really nasty. The breasts were rock solid, and the nipples were too hard for the baby to suck on. The whole breastfeeding exprience was terrible. Baby was frustrated, mommy was sleep deprived, miserable and was on the verge of breaking down. Of course, being a second time mom, I know this phase would pass, so I endured the pain and discomfort, and tried my best not to be disheartened. When the engorgement finally subsided, I thought I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but little did I know that I have to battle the problem of oversupply. Argh…

Besides both breasts feeling uncomfortably full all the time (even after each feeding) and baby being gassy (smelly smelly farts! Yikes!), the main problem with oversupply of breast milk is that The boy would spit up every feeding. Sometimes, he spits so much milk that I thought he vomitted. I’m not joking when I said he looks a bit like our Singapore’s Merlion when he spits out his milk! After consulting with both the pediatrician and the lactation consultant, both mentioned that I have a good problem and they thad no concern over the spitting issue. They mentioned that the oversupply problem would soon correct itself when the baby is older, but I couldn’t just sit around and doing nothing about it. So, for the past week, I have been taking measures to adjust my milk supply according to baby’s needs such as block nursing, nursing from one breast per feeding and trying really hard not to express out the milk with the breast pump (because it would trick the breasts to produce even more milk!). In addition, I also tried to nurse him using the methods shown in kellymom’s site and it seems to help a bit on baby’s spitting problem. I just hope that by the next few weeks, my milk supply will finally adjust to better match my baby’s needs. If not, I will be in DEEP trouble since my maternity leave ends in 3 weeks time. Argh…

Here is Baby Niklas!

DOB : 14 Sep 2007

Birth Weight : 7 lbs 4oz

Birth Length: 19.5

the waiting game

Yes, I’m still around.

Phew… false alarm!

Last Monday night, my DH nearly rushed me to the hospital because I was feeling really uncomfortable and having irregular contractions every few minutes for at least 2 hours. We panicked because we finally realized how unprepared we were if Baby N decided to arrive early. We had yet to prepare an overnight bag for The girl, discuss about the logistic plans and contacting our friend regarding babysitting The girl for us while we are away. We also forgot to talk to The girl about the babysitting arrangement if I have to go to the hospital before her grandparents arrive (this Saturday). Luckily, after a good gentle back massage from DH and bed rest for a couple of hours, the contractions started to ease off. Phew!

I guess I must have overworked myself that morning. After my 36 weeks (or is it 37 weeks?) weekly routine OBG checkup, I brought the girl to a few stores (Toysrus, LinensNthings etc) and then to the grocery store for shopping. I must have walked too much and didn’t have enough rest in the afternoon because I had some work to do. Eversince then, I feel tired easily and am still having more braxton hicks contractions than the previous weeks. The pressure in my pelvic is getting more unbearable now when I walk or stand for more than 30 mins. So, as a preventive action (at least must “dong” until in-laws are here), I’m grounded – NO more shopping trip without DH and NO more playdates for The girl.


Side note:

36/37th weeks OBG checkup update.

Baby is growing well. Mommy put on 1lb this week! Total weight gain = 11lbs. πŸ™‚

BabyN’s tidal waves…

Wanna see how BabyN creates a tidal waves?

See the video here.