Kids’ Canvas: The Legend of NeZha

The kids did many drawing lately and one of their favorite characters that they love to draw is Nezha. Yes, my kids love watching Chinese cartoons! In fact, I encourage them to watch Chinese shows because it is an excellent way to learn and improve their Chinese. 😛

Here’s the picture of Nezha and other characters that the Girl drew. I think she did an excellent job in drawing them! (See the original drama cover here.)

Here’s the Boy’s drawing…

Very cute right? 😉

Autumn craft: scarecrow on a stick and CL homelearning

It’s the beautiful season of fall now, we wanted to make something related to Autumn and since the boy suggested making a scarecrow craft, that’s what we made – Scarecrow on a Stick! 😉

photo (2)

Materials Used:
Craft stick
Assorted color construction papers


You can probably tell that the scarecrow on the left is created by the boy, the right is by me.

I love that his scarecrow has so much details and is so full of life! So unlike mine… neat and boring!!
Instead of drawing the eyes on the scarecrow like i did, he cut out tiny triangles eyes and stuck them on the face. He found a paper apple cutout from the pile of scraps that we have and transformed it into a pumpkin. Then he added some strips of brown “hays” because according to him, pumpkin and scarecrow cannot go without hay! HAHA. 🙂

After the craft, we did some Chinese learning. We talked about the season of fall (秋天) and learned the colors (红, 紫, 黄, 橙, 绿, 褐) of the foliage in Chinese.

photo (4)

After he was done with his coloring, the boy wanted to do a number work,so I gave him a copy of Chinese version of connecting the dots. Because he already know the chinese characters of #1-5, he was able to do this work without any help. (Thanks, Denise! We love your materials! Save me so much time in preparing them myself! 😉 )

photo (5)

photo (3)
#6-10 is a work in progress. I will update again when we complete the lesson. 🙂

Silhouette craft


This is an impromptu craft that I made last Friday, while watching “The Knight Night” movie with my DH. Yes, I can’t stop myself from multitasking!! Even when I’m watching a movie, I just can’t sit there and not do something! -_-” Sometimes I really wonder if I have the adult ADD… LOL.

Anyway, here is what inspired me to create my own silhouette craft…


the “Jazz it up” silhouette sculpture that we got many years ago from an auction event, which I am waiting for DH to hang it back on the wall above the piano for almost a year now. -_-”

Back to the craft…

There must be 1001 ways of creating silhouettes but for this Lazy Stay-at-Home mom, the “low-tech” method using just the very basic tools is good enough. 😉

Ok… let me show you how I created mine… the “low tech” way.

First, I took a picture of the our side profiles and then download the images onto my computer. I changed the photos into black & white pictures, using Picasa (u can use other tools too, tuned the photos a little using the light, highlight & shadow options.


Then I took a piece of white A4 paper, placed it over my computer screen, simply trace over the outside of the profiles creating the silhouettes and cut them out…


Next, traced along the profile of white silhouettes onto a piece of black paper, cut the black silhouettes out and then glue them on a white card stock paper.

Since I have quite a few old picture frames with prints that I no longer like and it is such a waste to let them sit in the basement and collect dust, I decided to give them a new lease of life by re-using them.

With just a pair of pliers and screw driver, I performed the “surgery”…
craft 20112

And finally, pop the silhouettes into the frames. That’s it!!



Instant art that is full of meaning! Yeah! 🙂

Sew Happy : Ski Neck wrap

Technically, I mean.
The weather here in New England is still quite cold, around 30+F (<10deg C). Well… at least the snow is dwindling away and the receding snow has made it possible to see the ground again and that is a wonderful sight! I really can’t wait to start working on my vegetable garden!!! 🙂

Actually for the past two months, I have been feeling really depressed. The stress from everyday life has zapped away all my energy and bring negativity to our life. 🙁 I think I need to learn how to give up control over something, try not to do it all and just focus more on myself and my well being.

For a start, I want to tackle the mess of my house. I really do think that the state of my house is a reflection of the state of my mind. Right now it looks like tornado has just landed -_-” and so I really have to kick start my spring cleaning. Of course, I have to be really careful not to make myself overly tired while doing it. As such, I’m tackling one room at a time, starting with the easiest – the piano room!

Here’s a before and after picture…

craft 20111

Not too bad, right? 😉

Hopefully, by decluttering the house, it will help to declutter my mind too. 😛

After figuring out that I also need to find some “quiet” activity or hobby to help me to occupy and calm my “active” mind, I started sewing. My first project is a simple ski neck wrap that I made for the girl.

craft 2011
She looks good with that wrap, right? 😉

Because I felt quite good sewing this ski wrap, I went out to get myself a new sewing machine…


Oops… Not sure if you can tell… I actually haven’t set the sewing machine up yet. Must find time to do it soon!

ABC宝宝学中文: 老大的喜羊羊漫画

在中文学校上二年级的老大, 最近开始对中文不太感兴趣. 几个星期前的听写, 既然拿了个”满江红”回来. *哀*


为了不让她仅存的那一点兴趣也被每日都得做的中文作业给抹杀掉, 我只好出动我的秘密武器….. 用动画片来奖励她. 现在她不但每日都很用心的把中文作业做好 (因为如果她不用心的话, 我就不让她看!:P), 近几期的听写也几乎都得了满分. 可是让我最开心的是,现在的她竟然还会在空闲的时间, 拿出纸头画画她的喜羊羊漫画! 🙂 真的, 什么我都不怕, 就只怕她对中文没了兴趣. 没了兴趣, 你说小孩还会认真的学习吗?






还不错吧! 🙂

Dr. Seuss craft: Thing 1 & Thing 2

This is another very simple Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 & Thing 2 craft that the boy made with me yesterday night.

Dr Seuss : Thing 1 Thing 2 craft

Materials used:
Construction papers

The crazy hair of Thing 1 and Thing 2 are made using his hand prints, while the bodies are made using his foot prints. I think it is really cute that Thing 1 & Thing 2 are holding hands. So very loving! Very unlike the actual characters in the “Cat in the Hat” story. LOL

Dr. Seuss : One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish craft

This evening, while the girl was working on her homework with DH, I read one of Dr. Seuss popular book – “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” to the boy. We love this book because it is fun, rhythmic, colorful and goofy. I highly recommend you to read it with your child if you haven’t checked this book out yet.

Dr Seuss craft : One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish craft

After the story, we proceeded to make this simple hand prints craft based on this book.

Boy at work.

Boy at work.

By the way, I didn’t come up with this craft idea. I saw a similar craft on google search, but i couldn’t get the link to it because that site seems to be attacked by malicious virus.

Dr Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish craft

What i love about this craft is that, it is easy enough for a preschooler to make mostly by himself. I could have let my boy cut the hand prints out himself, but because it was almost his bedtime and he was already running on low on “battery”, I decided to just cut them out myself. 🙂

Art & Craft for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

It is the kids holidays week so we had friends over for a play date.

After playing for some time, the kids began to show signs of restlessness. Since Dr. Seuss’ birthday is approaching (he was born on 2 Mar 1904), I took out a stack of his books for the kids to read and then asked them to pick their favorite to use as an inspiration for their Dr. Seuss art & craft projects. 🙂

The book that the boy picked was “The Cat in the Hat”.

His artwork is of Thing 1 & Thing 2 flying kites. He particularly loved the “Thing 1” & “Thing 2” characters in the book. According to him, they had the “funniest hair”! LOL.

Dr. Seuss craft : Thing 1 and Thing 2

Don’t you just love how he drew their hair? They look so crazily cute!!

For D, he picked the book “Ten Apples Up on Top”.

He wanted to make a picture of a dog carrying 2 apples on its top. So, I helped him to trace his foot and finger prints and drew the apple shapes on the construction papers. Then he cut them out and assembled them by himself. 🙂

Dr. Seuss craft: Ten apples up on top
(Dog’s face was created using D’s foot print, Dog’s ears were created using D’s finger prints.)

Look at his dog! It even had teeth!! So cute, isn’t it?

The girls chose the title “The Tooth Book”.

Both wanted to do so something about tooth, but they needed some ideas. So, I showed them my favorite “Tooth” site – “My Milk Toof” for some inspirations.

These are what they came out with – their own “Milk Toof” illustrations!

The girl’s illustration is about the “toofs” going to a carnival. Can you spot a popcorn vendor station and a Ferris wheel in the picture? 😉

Dr. Seuss craft The tooth book

E’s illustration also about the “toofs” going to a park. On the last segment, she even made the blue balloon popped! HAHA!!

Dr. Seuss craft The tooth book

I love that both girls made their “toofs” wear the Dr. Seuss’ signature “White & Red” hats so that their illustrations are in line with the “Dr. Seuss” theme. 🙂

President’s Day craft (2011)

President Day craft

I was actually planning to make some president’s day crafts with the kids these two days, but my mood was fouled by someone irresponsible and utterly selfish. Luckily, the girl brought back this President’s Day craft home from school today. So, I could still share it with you. I like the fact that besides making the craft, she also gets to learn something about the Presidents of USA. 🙂

Hmm… maybe I should still do the craft with them next week. I’m pretty sure we can slot in some craft time since it is the school vacation week for both kids.

Linky love : Valentine’s crafts for kids

There are many lovely Valentine’s Day craft ideas out there in the blogosphere, but these caught my eyes because I think they are easy enough for the kids to make by themselves. I do think that Valentines should be made by the kids since they are the ones who are doing the valentine exchanges. We moms should just sit back and help only when needed. 🙂

1. Heart hand stamps

Hands print Heart

From Little Lovely via Blosesem Kids.

2. Lollipop Valentines

by Skip to My Lou.

3. Beaded Heart

by Naturally Educational.

4. Cupcake Liner Valentine’s Card
VDay Cupcake Liner Card Craft

by Urban Comfort.

5. Valentine Cards

From Family Fun.

6. Hand prints heart

by Roots And Wings Co.