Bento#38: Back to School!

How time flies! My first born is now a 3rd Grader! This year she is finally eligible for the free bus ride to school. Boy was she excited.

So, for her lunch, I made her a school bus sandwich. I got the idea from pinterest. Sorry, can’t remember who shared it!


Lunchbox content: Ham and Cheese Sandwich, baby carrots and grapes

For her snack box, I decided to make it a school themed.

I carved the ABC on the apple, made a pencil out of mozzarella cheese stick and folded an origami book lunch box note (in it, some jokes to lighten up her first day of school. :)) and added some crackers and baby carrots.

The girl was really happy with her lunch and snack box, she polished off them clean! 🙂

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