home & gardening updates (Spring 2012)

This year we had a really warm winter and because there isn’t much snow, we didn’t have to wait for the snow to melt before we could start the yard spring cleaning. For the past few weeks, DH & I (actually kids helped too!) did quite a bit of yard work and some home repairs too! To tell you the truth, I actually prefer working on the yard and getting the home fix, over shopping!! HAHA… πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are what we did for the yard so far…
1. Raked the brown leaves off the lawn, grind them into smaller pieces and used them as natural mulch for our trees.

2. Cleared the broken tree limbs and branches that were left behind by the freaky halloween ice-storm.

While we understand that open fire burning poses many threats, like wild fire, health issues but the fact that we have a really small yard and there are just too much yard wastes this year that we have to resort to burning them.

We intend to use the ashes from burned wood for the plants & trees in our yard since ashes are known to make them grow larger and produce more flowers, greener shrubs, and fuller leaves.

Roast marshmallow is our favorite treat after we are almost done with the wood burning!

A word of advice if you are thinking of burning your yard wastes too.
Make sure you check with your local fire department, and check their regulations on burning. A permit may be required for opening burning.

3. Cut back overgrown bushes and shrubs, remove dead branches.
Do you know that dead branches can cause further harm to the shrub, and removing them stimulates the growth of roots, foliage and new branches?

4. Trimmed the lawn and reseed the grass. It is very important also to β€œwake” the grass up by raking and removing the dead grass.

5. Prep our vegetable garden.
– In fact, this year DH built two more sets of raised beds for my birthday (thank you, dear!! Best gift ever!)


6. Started sowing our vegetable seedlings.
So far, our spinach, bok choi, potatoes, thymes, basil, tomatoes, garden beans, long beans, onions are doing well. We have to restart our cucumber seedlings though… a sudden drop in the temperature a few weeks ago, killed all of them. πŸ™
Anyway, I will try to post the photos of my vegetable gardens soon! πŸ™‚

7. Clean out our garden shed. Boy, am I glad that we did it this year! It was a breeding ground for mice!!!!! -_-”

For the home, here’s what we did.

1. We finally got our door bell fixed!
2. Had our power transfer switch done for our newly bought portable power generator! WOOHOO!! We no longer have to worry about power outages anymore! No more suffering in the cold during power outages in the winter!! Yeah!
3. Replaced a new water boiler. (Ouch! It was expensive!!)
4. Re-caulked kitchen sink! Yes, I did it myself!! So proud! LOL

Summer is soon coming, and since we are not going back to Singapore vacation, I hope we have more time to do more repairs and updates around the house. These are the projects that I hope we can at least get them started…

1. Fixing the sprinkler systems. – Already contacted someone to look into it.

2. Fix the lights switches.
– It looks like a simple job, I’m still trying to convince DH to do it ourselves.
– If we have to engage someone to do it, I would like to take the opportunity to update the living room’s semi flush ceiling lights and also the bathroom lighting fixtures. The one we have look like they are from the circa 80s. I prefer simple contemporary styled lights that can go with my black sofa.

3. Fix the wobbly deck staircase.

4. Repave the drive way. – Saw some online DIY videos, I think this is definitely do-able for a novice like us!

5. Clean the bricks pavement and refill them with more sands. – Pavement cleaned, and almost ready for sand filling. πŸ™‚

That’s all for today’s all update on home and garden.
I will go and take some pictures and share them later! πŸ˜‰

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