Bento#35 : Teasing


This morning as I was packing the glutinous sticky rice lunch for the family, I casually told the girl that I will be making sandwich lunch for her instead because I was worried that the Chinese sticky rice kind of smells and may cause her embarrassment or make her a target of teasing at lunch. Upon hearing what I said, she told me,”Mama, It’s ok for people to say whatever they want to. I love sticky rice and I do not think it smells. If anyone says anything about my food smells, I will tell them that my food smells good and it is nutritious and very yummy and that they are just being rude.” Wah…. U can’t imagine how happy I was and how proud I am of my daughter! Seriously, i never expected those words from her!

I never mentioned it before here, but since beginning of the school year, my little second grader has been a target of bully at school. A girl from school always give her unexpected hostile or mean treatment. There are many instances where the girl just walked up to my daughter with a very crossed look (when my daughter did not do anything to/with her) and said to her something along the line “I’m so angry with you now but I don’t know why. Go away. ” And of course, my sensitive girl who sees friendship as a very important part of her life, would often come home crying about it.

We have been working with the teachers and also taking the opportunity to teach the girl how to deal with such kind of situations. For a while, the bullying did stop but these few weeks, we started to hear stories about that girl, passing teasing remarks about my daughter’s bento smells at lunch time. Like the recent case, she complained about my girl’s lunch smells when all my girl had was just plain chicken nuggets with fruits. -_-” Sigh.

As we know, kids typically don’t discover their self-identity until much older, they would simply want to blend in with groups, well… my daughter is no different too. Because of that, I try to make a conscious effort in packing food that do not smell too strong so that she will not be teased at lunch time. I also try to encourage my girl to be more confident in speaking up for what she believes.

That’s why when she said those things to me this morning, I feel so happy and proud of her because she has finally learn to stand up for herself! πŸ™‚ Ah… Just by typing this post, I feel so good again. Maybe I should go and look at the recipes in “MyDish” and find something to bake for her tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

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