Albert Einstein craft

The girl was doing a biography unit at school a few weeks ago. As part of her biography study, she had to make an oatmeal can people that she was researching on, i.e. Albert Einstein. She wanted to base her craft on this famous Einstein stick out tongue picture…

and so, we created the oatmeal can Einstein like this. πŸ˜‰

Einstein Craft

Not bad, right? πŸ˜‰

Materials used:
Oatmeal container
Recycled T-shirt yarn (for hair)
Googly eyes
Felt (Black, Red and White)
Hot glue gun

Besides making the oatmeal can Einstein, the girl also had to do some writing about the things she learned from the biography reference books. Here’s one of her works that she wrote. πŸ™‚

Albert Einstein
In biography lessons I am reading about Albert Einstein one of the smartest people. When Albert was a boy he asked a lot of questions. Albert was born in the year 1879. Albert was kicked out of school when he was ten because he asked too many questions the teacher couldn’t answer. Some of the teachers said he was daydreaming all of the class and not focusing. Albert got low marks when he was a boy. Albert had a sister, Maja. When Maja was born the first question Albert asked was “Where are its wheels?” Albert asked that question because he thought Maja was a toy. Albert liked to play his violin. Whenever Albert traveled he would bring a suitcase and his violin. When Albert was older he moved to Sweden. The schools in Sweden were much better than the schools in Germany. Albert was supposed to ask a lot of questions. He was very happy.

I never know biography study can be this fun, maybe we should find some time doing biography study on Chinese famous people too! LOL!

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