Valentine’s Day craft: Homemade Thumb print animals VD cards

It’s that time of the year again! This year we made animals thumbprints Valentine’s Day cards for the boy’s classmates. I got my ideas from here. These cards are really easy to create, and what I love most about this craft is that it is almost mess-free and most importantly, takes very little time to make. It only took both the boy and I less than 45mins to make all 22 cards.

The boy’s contributions are the thumb printing and name writing, while I did the rest of the stuff, i.e. cutting the paper to size, writing the greetings and adding details to the animals. I would say, it was rather fun creating these cards! So fun that I may offer my service to help the girl create her VD cards tomorrow too! LOL *:^)

Materials used
Construction papers (or any heavy paper) for the card
Ink pads (any colors)

Here are some of our creations…
Homemade Valentine's Day card (Thumb print animals)

I really love how the froggy one turned out. Both frogs look so cute and happy. So, I went ahead to create more froggy ones!
Homemade Valentine's Day card (Thumb print animals)

Ain’t they cute? 😉