Autumn craft: scarecrow on a stick and CL homelearning

It’s the beautiful season of fall now, we wanted to make something related to Autumn and since the boy suggested making a scarecrow craft, that’s what we made – Scarecrow on a Stick! 😉

photo (2)

Materials Used:
Craft stick
Assorted color construction papers


You can probably tell that the scarecrow on the left is created by the boy, the right is by me.

I love that his scarecrow has so much details and is so full of life! So unlike mine… neat and boring!!
Instead of drawing the eyes on the scarecrow like i did, he cut out tiny triangles eyes and stuck them on the face. He found a paper apple cutout from the pile of scraps that we have and transformed it into a pumpkin. Then he added some strips of brown “hays” because according to him, pumpkin and scarecrow cannot go without hay! HAHA. 🙂

After the craft, we did some Chinese learning. We talked about the season of fall (秋天) and learned the colors (红, 紫, 黄, 橙, 绿, 褐) of the foliage in Chinese.

photo (4)

After he was done with his coloring, the boy wanted to do a number work,so I gave him a copy of Chinese version of connecting the dots. Because he already know the chinese characters of #1-5, he was able to do this work without any help. (Thanks, Denise! We love your materials! Save me so much time in preparing them myself! 😉 )

photo (5)

photo (3)
#6-10 is a work in progress. I will update again when we complete the lesson. 🙂

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