Silhouette craft


This is an impromptu craft that I made last Friday, while watching “The Knight Night” movie with my DH. Yes, I can’t stop myself from multitasking!! Even when I’m watching a movie, I just can’t sit there and not do something! -_-” Sometimes I really wonder if I have the adult ADD… LOL.

Anyway, here is what inspired me to create my own silhouette craft…


the “Jazz it up” silhouette sculpture that we got many years ago from an auction event, which I am waiting for DH to hang it back on the wall above the piano for almost a year now. -_-”

Back to the craft…

There must be 1001 ways of creating silhouettes but for this Lazy Stay-at-Home mom, the “low-tech” method using just the very basic tools is good enough. πŸ˜‰

Ok… let me show you how I created mine… the “low tech” way.

First, I took a picture of the our side profiles and then download the images onto my computer. I changed the photos into black & white pictures, using Picasa (u can use other tools too, tuned the photos a little using the light, highlight & shadow options.


Then I took a piece of white A4 paper, placed it over my computer screen, simply trace over the outside of the profiles creating the silhouettes and cut them out…


Next, traced along the profile of white silhouettes onto a piece of black paper, cut the black silhouettes out and then glue them on a white card stock paper.

Since I have quite a few old picture frames with prints that I no longer like and it is such a waste to let them sit in the basement and collect dust, I decided to give them a new lease of life by re-using them.

With just a pair of pliers and screw driver, I performed the “surgery”…
craft 20112

And finally, pop the silhouettes into the frames. That’s it!!



Instant art that is full of meaning! Yeah! πŸ™‚