ABC宝宝学中文(2) – 口, 头, 牙, 手, 人

Oops… It has been a long while since I updated about the boy’s Chinese learning progress. I guess i better start updating them again.

Not sure if it is a boy’s thing, the boy is still not showing any interest in learning the Chinese language. Initially, it wasn’t my plan to start teaching the boy to recognize Chinese characters so early. But after exhausting all the possible methods that I can think of to get him to speak more Chinese to me, I decided to go the “boring” route – i.e. force feed him with Chinese characters! We are progressing very slowly but it seems to work a little better.

For the human parts characters (口, 头, 牙, 手, 人), I worked with him to make a set of 识字卡. He drew the pictures, and I made the Chinese characters.

Chinese Homeschool activity

He was to use his pictures to match the Chinese characters when we do our revisions.
Chinese Homeschool activity

Chinese Homeschool activity

I’m happy to say that this method worked for these lessons.
By the end of the week, he was able to recognize all 5 characters. 🙂

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  1. very good method!

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  3. Thanks!