Chinese New Year Craft (3) – 3D 春 (Spring) ornament

I simply love this 3D 春 craft! It is easy to make and looks so pretty on our piano top. 🙂

Spring 春 craft

Material Used:
Origami / Square paper

Here’s the instructions:
spring character craft 1

1. Cease paper along the centerlines as shown in the Fig 1.
2. Then fold it into square base fold(Fig 2).
3. Then fold the square base again to form a triangle base (not shown).
4. If you open it up now, u should see that it looks like Fig 4.
spring character craft 1

5. Draw the pattern as shown in Fig 5, start from the main cease line side.
6. Cut the shaded parts out (Fig 6), open carefully and you are done with your 3D 春 ornament!

If for some reasons your 春doesn’t look good, you can always open the paper up and it is a beautiful snowflake art! 🙂

By the way, you can attached a string and make it a hanging ornament too! 🙂

Spring 春 craft

Happy crafting!

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