gardening updates

We finally harvested ONE tiny carrot.
Aug 2010-1a

DH thought that the carrot plant looked big enough for harvesting and decided to pull it out of the soil. Turned out that the root was too small and barely a carrot yet. It was almost the size of the boy’s pinky finger. LOL. Thank goodness we still have at least 3 carrot plants and let’s hope they will grow at least bigger than MY pinky and then we can eat them like baby carrots. LOL.

Our tomato plants are doing very well. We have since harvested many sweet cherry tomatoes. πŸ™‚
Aug 2010-1b

The few green beans that the girl planted a few months ago were finally ready for harvesting. The girl wanted to try her beans so i made a simple green bean omlette out of the beans she harvested herself. Indeed, homegrown beans really taste better! They were really tender!

July 2010a

One of the beans turned old and yellow. So we took the seeds out and hopefully we get to plant them again next year. πŸ™‚

Last picture – our mid-summer blooming flowers and sesame plants.

July 2010b

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