A random post – diet & exercise

Our summer vacation is coming to an end very soon in two weeks time. For the past few years, I have been so occupied with taking care of the children (and the man too) that I neglected myself. With the little one going to preschool for 2.5hours every weekday starting early September, I hope I will have at least a couple of hours to just spend time with myself and also taking care of myself.

First on my list is to start eating right and do some exercise to tone my body. Even though I love to laugh at myself for being ‘fat’, I’m actually not overweight. Based on the standard BMI calculation, I can be considered as very “healthy” because my BMI is just 19, which is at the lower end of the normal weight range. The only problem I have now with my body is that I have a round and flabby tummy. Ok.. and thick arms too la. 😛 Really out of shape.

Well, the truth is I have never had a flat tummy to begin with. Since young, even when I was told by some doctor/nurse that I was way too underweight, I always have this round tummy, which my sisters affectionately call it “African tummy”. But over the years, after going through two childbirths, this round tummy problem is getting a little too out of hand now that I think it is time for me to start doing something about it.

According to one article in a weight loss site, one can lose weight just by eating healthy and be more active physically. Though I have no concerns about my weight, but for the sake of my health, I should really cut down on my junk food intake (Argh… got to give up my favorite Doritos chips!) and eat well. Even though cleaning the house, working in the yard, getting grocery etc are some forms of physical activities that can help to burn the calories, I think the only way to tone my body is through exercise.

I hope by blogging this out, I will be committed to a more structured exercise routine and see some results by the end of this year.Wish me luck!
*Aja Aja Fighting*

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