Preschool Maths : Counting & Quantity

The other day when the boy refused to nap and I had to work with the girl on her ‘Hanyu Pinyin’ studies, I decided to give him a simple Maths lesson so that he could work on it while we do our work.

I knew the boy had learned some of his numbers from his favorite ‘Thomas & His Friends’ tank engines, but I didn’t know exactly how much he knows. So, I tested him out using homemade number cards that I made out of DH’s old name cards. It turns out that he could recognize the numbers 1-8, but has problem identifying 9 & 10.

Anyway, for his first Maths lesson, I wanted to do something simple and engaging. I want him to associate numbers with their proper quantities. So, I gave him a box of craft pom poms and the number cards #1 to #6.(Initially I only wanted number #1-#5 cards, but since he insisted of having #6 card too, so I just added it in.)

First, I worked through the numbers with him. I pointed to a number (say ‘1’) and then asked him what number is that. Upon receiving his reply as ‘1’, I asked him to put one pom pom on the card. Then we moved on to the next number till we are done with the last number (i.e. 6).

Once we are done with the work, I encouraged him to try it himself. He still makes mistakes sometimes, but that is ok. I’m just happy that he enjoys learning and is able to sit through at least 15mins to do his work.

I will continue to work with him on this number work, that is if he still has interest in doing it next week. And if we do work on it again, I must remember to introduce him the number ‘0’ and the concept of zero.

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