ABC宝宝学中文 (1) – 大小

Yesterday was the boy’s first Chinese homeschool lesson. I’m glad it went well. For our first lesson, I introduced him his first two Chinese characters “大” and “小”.

Preschool Chinese Homeschool Activities

I took out the box of plastic animals and told him to sort the animals according to their sizes i.e. “大” (big) or “小” (small). The boy was able to understand and complete the simple work with not much help. Once he got them correct, I would mix the plastic animals and the cards up. Then asked him to look at the cards again, then group them together according to the Chinese characters on the homemade word cards (using recycled DH’s old company name cards).

By the end of the 10mins work, the boy was able to recognize both characters. So, we can work on a new lesson next week.

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  1. Good job mommy !! 😡