Brown Bag Carrier Craft

The boy and I made this brown bag carrier craft at the library last week. This is not an easy craft, so younger children will need a lot of help from grown up to make it. But the boy did have fun decorating it with me. πŸ™‚

Brown Bag Carrier craft

What you need :
2x brown bags
markers/crayons/stickers/ or any materials you can use to decorate your bag

Brown Bag Carrier craft

1. Cut one of the brown bags into half. I will call it BB#1 for easy reference. (See above picture)
2. Trim the top part of the BB#1, into two long strips. They should be about 2 inches in width. These will be used to make into the handles for the bag. The bottom half will be used to placed inside the bigger one later to make the base stronger. (See above picture)
3. Take the other brown bags (BB#2) and fold into half. Cut the four sides till the point it meets the half mark. See below picture A.
Brown Bag Carrier Craft
4. Open up BB#2, and place BB#1 inside. See picture B.
5. Fold down the 4 sides of BB#2 inwards, as seen on picture C. The carrier body is done!
6. Take the two long strips that you prepared in #2 and fold them into half and then into handle shape as seen in picture D.
7. Attached handles to the carrier body from #5 with staples.
Tada! You have a brown bag carrier now!
Finally, just decorate your bag the way you like it and it’s good to go. πŸ™‚

Enjoy and have fun!