Earth Day and crafts (2010)

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Even though we have been rather conscious about recycling, re-purposing and reusing our stuff as much as possible, we are still not quite good at reducing our waste. (Read: We buy too much!)

The girl and I had a discussion recently after she attended a lesson about the 3Rs (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) at school, and both of us decided that we should do more for our mother earth. For her, she would try her best to not waste papers and reuse her papers wherever possible. As for myself, I hope to cut down on getting more things into the house and to try to use more green cleaning products.

I think everyone should do a part for our Earth and one way we parents can help is to encourage our children to use recycled materials as much as they can in their craft projects. Remember – little things can make a big difference! With creativity and a little effort, we can all help our environment and still enjoy the joy of making crafts with our children.

Here are a few online resources that you can look up for craft projects that utilizes recycled materials:

Recycling Crafts and Projects (Link) from
Crafts from Recycled Products (Link) from
Earth Day crafts (Link) from
Earth Day: 100 ideas to recycle and reuse! (Link) from Pane, Amore e Creatività

Crafts that we made using recycled materials…

Cereal Box Bag

recycled cereal box bag

The kids and I made a few cereal box bags at our library today.
Recycled Cereal box bagThis craft is really simple and fun, and you can use any kind of recycled materials to decorate your bag. This bag can be used as lunch bag, or as a gift bag.

What you need:
Empty Cereal Box
Materials that you can use to decorate your bag like craft tapes, construction papers, glitters, foam stickers etc

Simple paper plate Earth Craft
Earth craft
What you need :
Paper Plate
Tempera Paint – White, Blue, Green, Brown

We love Earth!
Decode the secret message! 😉

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  1. The Earth day is approaching! I’d like to announce the publication of a post about recycling on my website: I’ve collected 100 ideas to recycle and re-use in creative ways some stuff you can find in everyone’s house and that is usually trashed. i wrote the post in Italian, but the linked tutorials are in English! Hope you like them!


  2. Thanks, Linda. I love your site & tutorials!
    Here’s the EN translated version of your post,
    Thanks for sharing!!

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