Brown Bag Valentine Carrier

Brown Bag Valentine Carrier
Niklas made this brown bag Valentine carrier at our local library when his sister was at school. I was rather surprised to see that he has the patience to loop the yarn through the paper punch holes all by himself. Maybe we did too many craft projects lately. He kind of lost interest in the “gluing & pasting” decoration part of the craft project. So, I had to force encourage and help him to decorate his Valentine carrier with paper doilies and heart cutouts. When we were finally done with the craft, he was quite proud of it and insisted on wearing the carrier like it was a necklace! Haha! *smile*

Brown paper lunch bag
Paper hole puncher
yarn / ribbon
Paper hearts / stickers / doilies

1. Trace & cut a heart shape out of a brown bag. You will have a pair of heart cutouts.
2. Use a paper punch and punch holes into the two valentine hearts.
3. Loop yarn or ribbon in the holes you punched and tie a knot at the end of the yarn after you have looped each holes.
4. Finally, decorate your Valentine carrier with paper doilies or heart cut outs.

Have fun!

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2 Responses to “Brown Bag Valentine Carrier”

  1. Hi, it’s really a nice blog! I think you should change your blog title ….ha… ha.. :), because it’s full of ideas and requires a lot of time to do what you’ve done!

  2. Thanks, Merie.
    The crafts that I did with my kids are really simple & anyone can do them. Because if they are difficult or takes up too much time to do, i will not do it at all. 😉