CNY craft : Another Lion & Tiger Dance craft *Roar*

*Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang*
Here come our little Tiger & Lion dancing duo to welcome Lunar New Year!!
Chinese New Year lion dance & tiger dance craft

*Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang*

Yes, this isn’t our first time making the lion’s head craft. The girl has fond memories of the lion dance craft that she did last year and requested me to make another one this year. Since this is the year of the tiger, I decided to make another one a tiger. Both turn out to be pretty cute, don’t you think so?

Materials for the Lion’s Head:
1x carton box
construction papers
crepe paper for the lion’s mane
cotton balls for the eyelids
1x cloth or towel as tail (I used old baby receiving blanket)
Heavy duty scotch tape to tape the tail down.

Chinese New Year lion dancing craft and tiger craft

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory by looking at the end products, so I will not type them out here. However, if you need any help in making this craft, just leave me a message in the comment box.

Now… Will you please excuse me? I have to go and turn on the Chinese New Year music and join my little lion/tiger dancers in practicing our lion dancing for the Chinese New Year already!

*Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang*
*Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang*
*HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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