My Comical Family #16 – The Happy Vomit Swallower

My Comical Family #16

Woo Hoo! Finally found the way to bring back the old characters via changing avatars! The problem with this approach is that since I can only save 1 avatar at a time, I have to individually create them separately & that will take me more time to create the whole strip. Well, at least now that the original characters are back, I don’t have to hear Ms. Girl whining about wanting her old comic character back again!

The grandmother story about this comics:
This morning Niklas was in really good mood after his breakfast. So he started running around in the living room while waiting for his sister to finish hers. I think he must have ran too much and he started to cough a little. Then, I heard him gagged. So, I asked him if he is ok. He grinned and said proudly to me, “Mommy! I ate my vomit!!” and then continue with his running again. HAHA… That’s my silly boy! So adorable, right?!

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