hand print Santa Claus craft

I know Christmas is long over, but I still want to share this is a super cute hand print craft that the kids made weeks before Christmas.
Santa Claus hand print craft

Material used:
White Poster/Tempera Paint
Construction paper : Red, Pink
Marker pens : Red, Black

1. First, we made the beard of the Santa Claus with white tempera hand print on a green construction paper. Then, put aside to dry.
2. Cut out a triangle and 1 circle from a red construction paper for Santa Hat and Santa’s red nose.
3. Cut out 2 circles from a pink construction paper for Santa rosy cheeks.
4. When the hand print is dried, glue the Santa hats, nose & cheeks parts.
5. Add Santa’s eyes with black marker pen and mouth with red marker pen.
6. For finishing touch, add the plush bits on the Santa hat by dipping the pencil eraser part onto the white tempera paint and stamp.

After the paint is dry, you can make it into a homemade Santa Claus Christmas card or an Christmas tree ornament like we did. 🙂

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