My Comical Family #11 : Edible Gold Snot

My Comical Family Comics #11 Edible Gold Snot

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4 Responses to “My Comical Family #11 : Edible Gold Snot”

  1. Hi! Blog hopping. Like your blog and your comical family strips. 🙂

    Er, I remember when I was small, I saw someone digging and putting the gold into the mouth. That time, I was small, didnt know anything. NOw thinking back, i want to vomit!! Puke!

  2. Thanks, Rose.
    I too have seen someone doing the same thing but being a mommy now, there are not many things that can make me feel disgusted till I want to vomit now. Haha!

  3. errr… pai say to mention this but my dear son has been doing this disgusting act too lately…. no matter what I did to tell him to stop, he still keeps doing it…. 🙁


    I just said “Auntie Jane said Joseph korkor eats his own pi sai!” and guess what Niklas said? He said,”Eewk, Disgusting!” 😆

    Show this comment to him!!