simple Gingerbread girl/boy craft

Our first Christmas craft of the year… decorating a Gingerbread Girl (Boy). Actually this is the girl’s homework from school. They had just finished a book study on the classic fairy tale, “The Gingerbread Man”. In this classic version, the gingerbread man leads many characters on a wild chase through town but in the end, he is outsmarted by a clever fox. So, this craft activity is for the children to try to disguise their gingerbread person to hide from the sly fox. Being the girly girl she is, the girl decided to make her gingerbread person a Chinese girl. πŸ™‚

gingerbread girl craft

What you’ll need:
Brown color construction paper (or recycled brown bag) – draw and cut out the gingerbread person’s shape.
Any materials that you want to use to decorate your gingerbread boy/girl e.g. colorful construction paper, magazine pages, glitters, beans, beads etc
and your creativity.

In this craft, I helped to cut out the gingerbread person, the hair and cloth pieces. The girl did the rest pretty much all by herself. πŸ™‚
Eyes and flowers as seen on the gingerbread girl are cut out using special nori & paper punchers.

This craft is fun and easy, and is suitable for any school-aged children.

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