Puppets craft : Dora the explorer

Dora the explorer puppets
Materials used:
Recycled blue paper folder
Crepe papers (which we recycled from some old crafts! ;))
Craft sticks
glue sticks
recycle colorful strips of construction papers

The boy loves books and one of his current favorite is “Dora in the Deep Sea” book, which we got from the library. Since DH is away for biz trip, I am forced have to take over the responsibility of reading to the kids in the morning & night. *roll eyes* Well, I don’t really mind reading to the kids, but I dread reading the same book over and over again. *Boring!* So, when the boy asked me to read the same book for the 3rd time, I decided to “spice” things up by changing some of the words to Chinese words so that he gets to learn some Chinese too. 🙂

These are the Chinese words that I introduced him today:
猪 Pig
鱼 Fish
狐狸 Fox

I guess he enjoyed the changes because I was asked to read the book again for another 5 more times. -_- Hmm… Actually, I shouldn’t be complaining, I should be happy because this is the first time that the boy is showing interest in learning Chinese. In the past, I tried to teach/speak to him in Chinese, he simply just not keen at all. But this morning he (obviously in very good mood) was repeating every Chinese words after me. 🙂 It seems a waste if I don’t do something with him while he has the interest to learn, so I decided to make this puppet craft with the children to further motivate & engage the boy.

After completing the puppets & its background crafts with the kids, the girl read the book and we acted out some scenes together. The boy mostly just sat quietly to enjoy our puppet show. Whenever possible, we tried to involve him in the play by asking him some questions and to say the more popular lines like “Swiper, no swiping” and “Oh man!” etc. Then we finished it off with our own silly version of Dora’s “We did it” dance and song. It was really fun and I am happy that the boy is finally showing interest in doing craft with us and is getting better at following instructions during our structured play & learn session. 🙂

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