hand prints animals – peacock and lion

hand print s craft

Since we had a successful craft time with the boy yesterday, I decided to do another with him today. To my disappointment, the boy was not interested at all with the lion craft that I planned for him. He was happy to let me trace his hand prints, but he didn’t want to touch the crayons or even the markers. So, I had to color the hand prints and cut them out myself while he went off to find things to play. After much coaxing, he finally returned to help me to “apply glue” on the cutouts. After applying a few dab of glue on the cutoff, he lost the interest again and dash off to play with his train set again. =_= So, in the end, I had to assemble the lion parts all by myself.

Luckily, I had a much pleasant craft time with the girl. She came up with the idea and did all the decorating and assembling of the bird parts herself. The only two things that she needed my help were tracing of the outline and cutting them out. I think she did a wonderful job in coloring the peacock feathers. 🙂

After she was done with her craft, I gave her a small piece of ‘bluetac’ to put it up on the wall. Upon seeing what his sister was doing, Boy finally took interest and offered to help “sticking” his ‘artwork’ too. Once both artworks were up on the wall, Boy shouted …

“Mommy, it’s a SUN! SUN!!”


Even though I had corrected him more than 3 times, the boy still tells me that it is a sun. He even had to show me his “sun” hand gesture when I asked them to pose for me. x_x”

I give up.
If he says that’s a sun. It’s a sun.

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