Hand prints Train craft

Sorry for MIA from this blog for so long. The wonderful 7-weeks long vacation in Singapore has made me even more lazy than ever. All I wanted to do is to eat, sleep and relax. But doing nothing just makes the guilt of not doing something educational with the kids greater. So, I decided to have some craft fun with the kids today to ease this feeling. 😛

hand prints train craft

Materials you need:
construction papers (different colors)
cotton balls (for smoke puffs)

1. Trace the hand print and arm of the child with a pencil/pen on construction paper. Make sure the fingers are closed and flushed with the palm when tracing.

2. Cut up the palm section and this will be the train engine.

3. Cut up the arm section into train cars.

4. Arrange and glue the train engine and cars cutouts in a row on another contrasting colored construction paper.

5. Finishing touch – add colors with your crayons, puffs of smoke with cotton balls, windows with pieces of paper to decorate the train.

Have fun!

This craft is suitable for toddlers age and up.

Original craft idea from here.

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