Bones and Body parts craft

The girl is currently learning about human body parts in school and here are some cool crafts that she brought home recently.

Inside the human body: Path of digestive system.

Material used:
Large Brown paper bag
Various human organs cutouts

Human skeleton:

Material used:
paper fasteners
Various human bones cutouts

Because all parts are movable, the girl had some fun posing with the skeleton. Heheee…

Another recycling craft : Baby food bottles

With so many empty baby food bottles lying around and a bored girl who refused to take a nap, we decided to do some ‘glass’ painting.

What we used:
Empty baby food bottles
acrylic paint

We were quite happy with the end products, but I guess we need to apply some sort of protecting layer to seal the paint because the paint has started to peel off after handling a few times. Maybe I have to get some spray clear acrylic or polyurethane sealer, I’m not sure about this. Oh well… we can explore this some other time.

This craft is easy and fun for any schooling kids.