the girl’s 1st school report card

Finally the lazy mom decided to stop procrastinating and post about the girl’s 2nd exam (Winter term) which she had on the eve of Chinese New Year. She scored a perfect 100 marks again. :)We are extremely proud of this little girl, who did so wonderfully well even though she is at least 1-2 years younger than her peers. πŸ™‚ Along with her exam papers came this 1st school report card.

I’m sure the grandparents wish to know what was written on the report card, here’s the translation:

“The girl is respectful to the teacher and also the classroom discipline. She is active in participating class activities and is diligent in completing her home assignments. Teacher hopes that The girl would continue with her good learning attitude and be more confident in answering/asking questions during class. She believes that The girl’s Chinese will improve continuously.”


2 Responses to “the girl’s 1st school report card”

  1. aiyoh – dun buay goh yok lah!! like that only mah – even ah jiak can do it!!!

  2. Wah lao eh…
    got goh yok to buay, why not???