simple Solar System mobile craft 2

While doing a disk cleanup on my computer, I came across some pictures of the simple solar system mobile craft that I did with the girl last summer. It was actually a continuation of this solar system craft project. I finally found a frugal way of stringing the foam balls to make them into a mobile using recycled materials.

What you will need for making the mobile:
recycled coffee stirrer – like this straw kind
recycled circular foams or you can make it from scratch using hard cardboard
index paper – for labeling the planets
foam balls in assorted sizes – see how we made these planets here.

Just cut the coffee stirrer to size and poke them thru the planets foam balls.
Cut the yarn to desired length and string them thru the stirrer.
Make an incision on the circular foam or cardboard and tie the planet foam balls to the cardboard. Space them according to your preference (or like what we did, we space the planets according their distance to the Sun.)
Lastly, if you like, you can attached labels on the yarn to name the planets.

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  1. Pretty !