Chinese New Year craft – Lion Dance

Since Chinese New Year is just round the corner, the girl and I decided that our first craft project of the year will be based on Chinese New Year theme. We had already made a Chinese Zodiac wreath, some ugly Chinese lanterns, a few Chinese Dragon puppets in the past, so this year we wanted to make something different. Something that I have always wanted to try making but didn’t have the chance until now i.e. a Chinese lion head that the children can dance with!

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance craft
The girl performing lion dance.

The difficult part of this craft is the design of the lion’s face. the girl wanted a lioness, so we had to soften the fierce look of the lion and try to ‘beautify’ it. It wasn’t easy because we had a masculine- looking ‘rectangular face’ to work with, but in the end I think we did just fine. Both of us are pleased with the end product and she already decided to bring it to her ‘Show & Tell’ this Friday.:)

Material used :
carton box (recycle)
construction papers (or recycle used wrapping papers from Christmas presents)
colorful pipe cleaners
cotton buds (about 6)
colorful markers
scotch tape
cloth or towel – for the lion tail

I think by looking at the end product, the instructions are pretty self-explanatory so I will not type them out here. (I’m just too lazy la!) But if you need any help in making this craft, just leave me a message in the comment box. πŸ™‚

By the way, do you know that Chinese believes loud lion dance can evict bad/evil spirits and the dance is usually performed during Chinese New Year to usher an auspicious new year? So I plan to play the loud Chinese New Year music and let my wild little lion dancers dance their hearts out on the first day of Lunar New Year at home!

HUAT Ah!!!!!!!!!!

*Dong dong Chiang Dong Dong Chiang!*
*Dong Dong Chiang Dong Chiang Dong Chiang! *

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4 Responses to “Chinese New Year craft – Lion Dance”

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  2. Oh my goodness, lady. You trully are inspirational. I read your post and my immediate thought is, I’m going to go down to Chinatown and buy myself a lion head. Hahaha.

  3. Haha… u also want to ‘Huat ah’?! :p

  4. Awwwwww…… this is so cute! I am gonna do it with my girls. Thanks for sharing and GONG XI FA CAI!