thanksgiving turkey craft’ 08

A simple turkey craft that would make a nice Thanksgiving decoration.

Materials used:
Heavy paper – for the Turkey body
disposable cup
colorful construction papers – for the feathers
scotch tape

Instructions :
Draw the turkey on the heavy paper, color it with either markers/crayons, then cut it out .

Trace the outline of the turkey on another heavy paper, cut it out. This would be used for back of the turkey.

Decorate the back with colorful “feathers” from the construction papers. U can either cut out the feathers like what i did here, or have your child to tear the constructions paper into long strips.

Use the scotch tape to secure the front and back of the turkey on the cup and now you have it, a simple Thanksgiving decorations!

As this turkey craft was made specially for an upcoming event of our local library, I used all new materials but you can certainly use recycled materials.
For the body of the turkey, u can use recycled paper folder or cardbox.
For the feathers, u can recycle old colorful catalog or magazine covers.
Replace the disposable cup with recycled old water bottle – just cut it into half.

Have fun!!

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