dotting fun

Initially the girl wanted to create some Autumn craft, but mommy got lazy so we did some a simple artwork using tempura paint instead. We dipped the eraser part of the pencil into the paint and started tracing & dotting along the Autumn leaves (collected by the girl during our earlier neighborhood walk on the same day) outlines which I had lightly traced on the paper. Then, the girl would filled the whole picture up with contrasting colors to create the beautiful mosaic-like picture of the Autumn leaves.

Tempura paints (different colors)
Pencil with eraser top

This craft is super easy and the children had a great time doing it. If your child is younger than 2yo, I suggest you to replace the tempura paint with the finger paint and let them dot the artwork with their tiny fingers. It is fun, go try it. Enjoy!!

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4 Responses to “dotting fun”

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  2. That’s a very creative and colorful piece! But may I ask, what’s a tempura paint?
    Is it a brand or a type of paint used ?? *curious*

  3. Hi Cendrine, that’s a spelling mistake. It shud be tempera paint. Hahaa… Anyway, it is also known as poster color paint if i am not wrong.

  4. Opps. Ok. thanks ! 😀