dragon boat craft

Happy 端午节 (Dragon Boat Festival)!!

Today is the start of the girl’s summer vacation and we decided to make a dragon boat craft since it is the Dragon Boat festival.

Materials Used :

1. 2 A4/letter size papers.

2. Colorful markers

3. Glue

4. Scissors

Instructions :

1. Use 1 A4 size paper to make a origami boat. See the instructions here if you don’t know how to make one.

2. Draw and decorate 2 pairs of dragon heads and tails on the paper.

3. Cut the dragon heads and tails and glue them on the origami boat.

4. Draw and decorate some scales pattern on the body of the dragon boat.

For this craft, you can decorate the dragons with whatever materials you have on hand (like glitters, stickers, or anything!). I’m lazy, so I just provided the girl with the simplest materials i.e. markers. Even with just markers, the boat turned out rather beautiful I must say. Because this is an origami boat, it can actually float on water and we are going to try floating it when the children are having their bath later. 😀 Remember to check back, I may have some pictures to show!

Have Fun!!

Original craft idea from Wee Kean and you should check out how she did hers! She recycled a chocolate box as the dragon boat body and her dragon boat is very cute!

Recycled craft – Jungle, jungle

Materials used in this craft:-

1. A big recycled carton box

2. Scraps of construction papers

3. Toilet paper roll tubes

4. Pipe cleaners

5. Recycled gift wrapping tissues

6. Paints

7. Glue

First, the girl and I painted some trees, a mountain, sun and clouds in the internal of the box. Then we realized that it looked more like a garden then jungle. So, we added some “vines” using the pipe cleaners and construction papers. Next, we moved on to make some animals for our jungle. Initially we wanted to make a snake, but since we found the cobra tag which we got from Burger King (Indiana Jones kids toy), we just stuck it on the “ground”. Hehe… Then we made a lion and an elephant out of toilet paper tubes. the girl had wanted to make a few more animals (monkey, tiger etc), but the toilet paper tubes animals took quite a bit of time for us to make, so we had to stop at 2. (Aiya… actually it’s becos I’m lazy la! :P)

(Original craft idea from Kids Craft Weekly.)