fish pond craft

We bought a fishing game and after playing for a few mins, the girl suggested making a pond to go with it and this is the end product…

As much as we can help it, we try to use recycled materials as our craft supplies so as not to let anything go to waste.

For this fish pond craft project, we reused :

An old carton box

Some used colored tissue papers (from gift wrapping)

Leftover green construction paper from previous project

Rocks from our yard

Recycled crayons (given by some restaurants)

Other materials used in the project are :


Colored pipe cleaners (green and orange)



Steps for creating the pond are rather self-explanatory from the pictures so I will not go into details on how to make it.

Decorative rocks
Here’s the steps:

Place the rocks on the aluminum foil/cookie sheet in the oven at 350F for 10mins.

You can either sprinkle some shaved crayon pieces on the rocks prior to putting the rocks in the oven or decorate it by drawing on them with crayons after the rocks are heated. Keep an eye on the crayon as it melts quickly. It also harden quite quickly within a min or so and will form a colorful and waxy coat over the rock when cool. We found that light colored crayons work best. This craft project is fun and easy for young children and it can also be made as a paperweight gift for the loved ones.

PS: Close adult supervision is required to ensure safety as the rocks can be very hot for the children to handle alone


Pipe cleaner Dragonfly


Cut two 1×0.5″ rectangular strips of tissue paper.

Leave about an inch of the pipe cleaner for the tail of the dragonfly then secure the tissue papers by twisting the pipe cleaner to form the 2 pairs of wings of the dragonfly.


4 Responses to “fish pond craft”

  1. This is so beautiful! I don’t think I have the patience to do a craft like that with my kids. Hahaha.

  2. What a great way to recycle materials!

  3. I enjoy making art & craft with my daughter too and I got lots of ideas from your blog. Thanks very much!! You are a great mum!

  4. You are a great mom too, Wee Kean! I hope to see your craft projects you do with your child in your blog too! 🙂