Lowes’ Build and Grow workshop -Goofy Golf

(Mar 22, 2008)

A very simple and fun “Goofy Golf” game from Lowe’s!

The project was really simple, fun and didn’t take much time to complete. And all it took to complete the project was “hammer, hammer and hammer”, according to the little girl. 🙂

simple solar system craft

The girl is currently very into the solar system, so we made this craft together a few weeks ago.


Foam balls (different sizes)

Acrylic paints


Construction paper for labeling the planets

Initially the girl wanted a solar system mobile like the one from EnchantedLearning, but I was lazy to think couldn’t figure out how to string the big foam ball since normal needle is not long enough to poke through the foam. So in the end, we just did this simple one instead. Oh well, maybe I will find some time to do another one with her since she likes the mobile one more.

some changes

I know there has been some issues with accessing my blog recently, so I have decided to blog at my wordpress blog for now.

URL : crazymommy.wordpress.com

However, I’m not giving up on this blog yet because I really like my blog host – weblogs.us. Unlike wordpress blog, it gives me the flexibility of customizing my blog and also its technical team is really awesome in providing wonderful support. So, I am seriously considering blogging at both places! Since wordpress is really stable, I think I will be blogging about the children and family over there and keeping all other categories like homeschooling, art & craft etc here. Since I’m so fickle minded, I’m not sure how long I would stay with wordpress.com (because they can be quite a pain in the ass for being so inflexible), it’s best that you check out both sites from time to time if you have the time.


For your convenience, here’s the link again: