monkey see, monkey do!

Monkey see…

Monkey do!


As you know, the girl loves role playing. Her current favorite role is playing a baby. Sometimes it is really funny to see how the 4yo big girl acts like her little baby brother. She ‘baby talks’ to us, plays with her brother’s toys and even try to sit on his infant seat or the exersaucer! Sometimes she will even ask me to feed her some baby food! πŸ˜† I know she probably does it because she wants to get some attentions from us or that she is just trying to be funny and have fun with her role play. Anyway, we are not concern about the girl but more for her little brother who is absorbing everything he sees and hears like a sponge now.

Because the girl loves to play screaming and giggling games with her brother, the boy now thinks that it is fun to “scream” on top of his voice too. So, you can imagine how “quiet” our house can be when both are in their “chatty” mood. Of course, I know this screaming phase will eventually pass but the part we are more concern about is that as the girl baby talks (actually it’s more like cooing and babbling) to the boy all the time, he may learn to baby talk too. We are worried that this may cause some speech development issues later. You can’t blame us for worrying too much – we are the parents! Oh well, I guess there is nothing much we can do but to keep reminding the girl to speak proper English to her brother. Parenting two children is so much harder than one.

6 Responses to “monkey see, monkey do!”

  1. I see Niklas loving that “Round Round Thingy”.

  2. Don’t worry too much about it, crazymommy, it’s just a phase for Nikita. Just have to keep reminding her that it’s “cool” to act and behave like a big sister instead of a baby like Niklas. Do give lots of encouragement and praises when she behaves appropriate for her age and ignore when she doesn’t. She’ll get the idea very soon. Keep up the good work, hao mama!!

  3. oh yes… the screaming bit is happening in our household too… that’s the fun of having more kids at home…hehehe… never a dull moment ya…

    Niklas is soooooooo ADORABLE!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Nikita looks very happy playing with her brither’s toys!

  5. Nikita looks very happy playing with her brother’s toys!

  6. Lily Anette, he does like the exersaucer but only have like… hmm… 5-10mins a day! Hahaa…

    Mamajojo, my hao jiemei! I think this phase is finally going to be over! She is now into Mulan AGAIN! Phew! I would rather fighting sword with her then listening to her baby talks!

    Rachel, haha… she is just being silly! πŸ™‚