homemade christmas cards

Last year the girl had fun making simple Christmas cards for her teachers and classmates, so this year we also want to do the same. I showed the girl the cotton ball snowman christmas card from Lian’s blog, she immediately said she wanted to do one too.:)

Here’s our version of the cotton ball snowman and Santa Christmas cards. Very Cute, right?

This craft is not difficult. the girl did most of the work. The only things I have to help is to help her to cut the snowflakes, glue the scarves on the snowmen and to make sure she glue the parts correctly for the Santa.

Original idea from FamilyEducation.

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2 Responses to “homemade christmas cards”

  1. Great cards! I’m going to see if Hailey wants to make one for a craft at home.

  2. remember to blog it if u r doing it ok! 🙂