pictures of my two baobei

My 38 girl loves to dress herself up from head to toe for her pretend play these days. In this picture, she was pretending to be a “白骨精” (skull spirit).

My innocent Doudou looking more and more like a Sumo wrestler these days. Very chubby now, hor?

wonderful baby spring cradle…

Because of this spring cradle (which was specially air-flown from Sin to US 3.5years ago), mommy can finally have some peaceful time working and doing other stuff.

And thank goodness, unlike his sister, Niklas is willing to sleep in it. 🙂

Spam Karma 2 very powerful

It just blocked or ate up 2 of my favorite blogging mommies’ comments. -_-

If you have problems commenting in this blog or your comments are not showing, please email me at…