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parent teacher conference (autumn’07)

This afternoon, we had a parent-teacher conference session with The girl’s teachers – Mrs. V and Mrs. G. Mrs. V mentioned that The girl is doing really well academically. She especially loves mathematic and language arts.

For the mathematics, she can complete the hundred board work all by herself now and that explains why she could type the numbers 1-100. She has since moved on to learn the thousands blocks work. As for Language Arts, The girl is able to sound the phonics correctly and her reading is improving. We are actually quite surprised to hear that she is reading now because we have never seen her read a book by herself. Mrs. V has recommended us to get some simple ‘first reader’ books for her to practice; I guess we have to get them soon.

The teachers also feedback that The girl has very good concentration when she is doing her work. When she starts a work, she will try to finish it before she moves on to the next one. However, if the work is too repetitive and time consuming, like the push pin work, she has no patience for them. Well, actually I notice this too during our art & craft sessions. When I asked her to cut out some stuff for our project, she will usually give up half way citing that she is too tired from the cutting and wants me to finish the work myself. I think my girl has my lazy genes. -_-

The girl is well-liked by her peers. Most of her classmates are willing to work and play with her. However, she is too attached to her best friend, April and that is the only thing the teachers and us are concerned about. If April is absent from school, The girl would be so upset that she refuses to go into her classroom. If April is around, she doesn’t want to work with anyone except her. She will skip her snack if she couldn’t have April to join her during snack time. And during circle time, when it is supposed to be a group activity, she and April will do small talk among themselves and not focusing on what others have to say. Both teachers are having a hard time separating them but they are going to keep trying to ask The girl to work with other children whenever possible.

Both DH and I are always concerned about The girl being too attached to April since last year. We were especially worried when we heard from Mrs. V that The girl once asked her if April is not going to be her friend when Mrs. V said that they couldn’t work together for one particular work. Because The girl is such a sensitive girl, we can’t possibly stop her from working/playing with April because that will actually do her more harm than good. So, Mrs. V made a very good suggestion to us – to invite some of her classmates over to for playdates and maybe that will help The girl understand that she can have many good friends (and not just April) at the same time. Well, I think for the sake of my daughter, I’m going to try inviting some of her classmates over even though I really dread hosting a playdate, simply because I suck at playdates and I can’t hold a conversation with someone (an adult) I barely know for anything more than 10 minutes.

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(PS: This entire entry is typed by the girl. She has just learnt to count to 100. 🙂 She is very keen in counting numbers and doing simple addition mathematics problems. She has been pestering us to let her use our computers to type the numbers and hence I let her type it here. Haha… )