sneak preview : halloween costume ’08

One of the girl’s idols is Mulan and she loves to role-play as her. She had been eyeing on the Mulan costume since she saw it in the Disney store a few weeks ago. But because we already prepared 2 Halloween costumes for her this year, we decided to wait for the After-Halloween sales before we get it. The short wait was fruitful. We finally got it at a bargain price of $12 (original price was $39.99) last Friday and since then, she has been wearing it almost everyday. Now I just hope that this costume will survive till next Halloween. 🙂

see… i have pretty, pink long hair!

I was trying to put my pink color pants on my head to pretend it was my long hair but no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t make it stay on my head. So, I went to my mommy and asked her for help. Then mommy suggested using my pink tights instead and true enough it stayed very nicely on my head! My mommy is so smart!! I think I look really pretty so I asked my mommy to take some pictures of me with my new pink long hair. But wait a min… Alamak! I forgot to change into my skirt. So, I quickly went back to my room to change into my mini-skirt and then asked my mom to re-take my picture again. I think I look really pretty, just like my new favorite cartoon character, little dragon girl (小龙女) from Nezha (哪吒传奇)!