my little 小豆豆

My 小豆豆 is a jolly little guy. He loves to smile whenever we talk or sing to him. Especially in the morning, after he has nursed and pooped, he will be in such a good mood that he will give everyone a charming smile. 🙂 Everyday I heard myself saying “He is so cute!!”

Silly mommy. 😛

Recycling your yard and kitchen waste

If you are a homeowner and have a yard to maintain, why not consider composting your kitchen and even yard waste? Besides benefiting the environment, you will also benefit from it too. Not only you don’t have to buy store-bought soil conditioners, fertilizer and mulch, you will also save water because the compost will help the soil to hold moisture and reduce the water runoff. Your garden and house plants will also be better because of the improved soil quality.

Recently we just purchased a compost bin (which is really quite inexpensive – @$35) and to my surprise, it is really easy and almost effortless to compost. All I need to do is to keep adding my kitchen and yard waste into the compost bin and let nature takes it time. Now we are just have to wait patiently to harvest our first compost and hopefully we will get to use it for fertilizing our garden next Spring! 🙂

*Also published in my Living Well for Less blog*

fun @ the mall

Last Sunday, we were at the Pheasant Lane Mall and a group of students from Neshoba Valley Technical High School’s culinary arts program, had set up booths to sell pastries that they baked for the Macy’s annual charity event, “Shop for a Cause”. Because I was tempted by the chocolate cake we wanted to show our support, we brought a few to try.

One of the samplers that we bought was the gingerbread cookie. We were provided with some colorful icing to decorate our ginger bread man and the girl had so much fun decorating it. 🙂 As it was her first gingerbread cookie, she was really excited. She couldn’t wait to have a bite of her cookie, so we had to leave early to find a place for her to sit and enjoy it. In the end, the silly girl was more interested in licking the super sweet icing then eating the cookie. Haha.

online “window shopping” for furniture

I haven’t really gotten down to decorating our home yet (what’s the point, with two young children?) but when I do, I think I’m going to enjoy it. For now, I will just sit back and surf the internet for some ideas.

Now that we have a huge master bedroom, there is so much I want to do for the room. However, because my girl refuses to sleep in her own room by herself, we have got no choice but to set her bed in one corner of our room. But I’m pretty sure in 2 years time (my target), I’m going to kick her (and Niklas too) out of our room and reclaim that space. I am thinking of creating a reading corner for myself, maybe something like getting a comfortable-looking lounger chair (similar to the pix on the right) or a daybed as shown in the living room furniture section of this site –

While surfing the same site, I came across some interesting but impractical children bedroom furniture like the youth bedroom fun castle bed and youth painted doll house bed. You see, I’m a very practical person, when I look for furniture, not only it must be durable and strong, it must also provide me (or my children) with years of enjoyment without looking outdated, something like this classic white cottage youth bedroom furniture set.

Even though we have already gotten our home office furniture, I still like to look at what others have to offer for Home Office Desk. Based on my personal experiences, if you are looking for contemporary style furniture, it is very difficult to find one that you like since most of the retail stores here carry mostly the classic or traditional pieces. Sometimes even the online store, like this site that I am reviewing, carries more traditional pieces than the contemporary ones. Don’t believe? See their Furniture Home Office page, and you will get what I mean.

I just hope that furniture stores here will to start carrying more contemporary style furniture soon to give stores like Ikea, Crates and Barrel, West Elm etc, some competition and give us more options.