the boy poops in his potty!

I’m not kua zhang, ok. Every morning for the past 5 days, The boy (who just turned 7 weeks old today) would poop in his small potty. Actually I think if I can focus on him more, it should be quite easy to potty train the boy for his poop because he always give me that kind of “I-need-to-poop” cry before he did his big business. But since I’m working from home and I need to spend some time with The girl, I can’t give him my full attention so he has no choice but to poop in his diaper if he does it in the afternoon. Well, at least the potty introduction part is done now. I’m pretty sure he will not resist sitting on the potty when he is older. 🙂

(Picture #1: See how focus he is when he is doing his biz! #2: Happy boy after he bombed! #3 and #4: The girl jiejie entertaining and teasing the boy. :D)

See The girl’s potty story here if you are interested.

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