baby gown for easy dressing

I don’t usually dress my baby in shirt and pants when we are at home. I find it a hassle and time consuming if I have to undress him whenever I change his diaper. So, I dress my boy in a one-piece baby sleeping gown (similar to the picture on the left) all day long.

What I like about the long gown is its sack-like bottom and the mitten cuffs to prevent scratching and lap sleeves for easy dressing. Because the gown is long enough to cover the legs of the baby all the time, there is no need for another pants under it (Yeah…1 less clothing to wash! Haha… I is lazy.). And this makes diaper changing easier since there is no need to remove any clothing and no buttoning involved. All I need to do is to flip the bottom of the gown up and down to access the diaper, so no hassle and helps saving time! πŸ™‚

Oh… another good thing about the baby gown is that it usually comes in size 0-9mths. So unlike other newborn baby clothes, which the baby tends to outgrow them very fast, the gown can be worn for a much longer time:)

a good baby

Mommy, why Didi always cry?

Because he is a baby. He doesn’t know how to talk yet.

copy cat

Guess what she is doing? Clue: She has her own version of

yet another hungry caterpillar craft

The girl requested for another caterpillar theme craft. A hungry caterpillar craft to be exact. So, we made a set of ice-cream sticks puppets based on Eric Carle’s popular storybook.

Materials used :
Construction papers – multi-colors
Craft sticks

It is a very easy craft and great for show & tell. The girl had such a fun time telling the story about the hungry caterpillar to her grandma. πŸ™‚

the siblings

One month old!


the truthful meme

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if u can’t find a reason

…blame it on childbirth.

Me: Aiyo… u know I thought I slim down a lot more because I think my flabby tummy look smaller so I took out the size 1 jeans to try. Who knows… cannot button. πŸ™ So, bo bian… got to wear back the size 3.

DH: Please la… since when u are size 1? When I know u that time, u probably is size 1, but that is LONG LONG Long long time ago already. Don’t be over ambitious la! Muahahaaaa….

Me: Ooi!! I remember after having the girl, I could wear size 1 ok!!!!!!!! -_-


Me : I think I know why I can’t fit into the size 1 already…. because this time it is a natural birth, I poot so hard that it caused my hip bones to be stretched! Not because i fat ok! And anyway, size 3 is still my pre-pregnancy size ok!!! (attempting to console myself.)

DH : …

I win oredi.

(PS: When I had the girl, it was an assisted birth.)

i’m going to puke…

if I see another dish made with pork liver or mee suan. -_-